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  • Jack cleverly uses the brush to cover up the tracks of himself and Morgan's crew so Blackbeard wont be able to track them as easily.
  • Jack faces off against Jolly Bob, a man twice his size and trained (however badly) in the use of the sword. Jack tries to fight him with a stick like a quarterstaff. Jolly laughs at this and cuts the stick down into a ridiculously tiny piece. Jack silently agrees he's doomed and absently tosses the twig in defeat, which falls on Jolly's head and knocks him out cold.
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  • Jack rescuing Morgan and his crew by scaring away Duckbone, by pretending to be a vengeful island god.
    Jack: (using his microphone and speakers to sound scary) I'm the island god! The one that Dumas warned you about! Ha! Ha! Ha! Now you either let those buccaneers go right now or...or..or something, really really bad will happen to yeh! (asks Lily for suggestions, she suggests threatening Duckbones mother) And your mother too!
  • Jack defeating the Living Statue guardian by getting it to hit itself with a tree and shatter into a million pieces.
  • Blackbeard's Cool and Unusual Punishment by being turned into a golden statue. Talk about peotic justice.

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