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Awesome / The Magnificent Seven (2016)

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  • Several of the 7 get a Establishing Character Moment that shows off perfectly just how awesome these people are:
    • Chisolm silently rides into town and then walks into a bar, ordering a drink. Throughout this entire meantime, everyone glares daggers at him (because he's a black man in the 19th century) and several verbally threaten him. Despite this, he doesn't even flinch. When he finds the man he's looking for, he proceeds to taunt him and then Quick Draw fast enough to gun down him, and four separate people in four corners of the room. Then he calmly walks out and demands the city pays him for this man's bounty.
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    • Faraday is a jokester, showing his would-be assassins a card trick to entertain them before they shoot him. Suddenly, he pulls out a back-up revolver, kills one of them and cripples the other.
      • Also, during Chisolm's moment above, while he's doing his thing, one of Faraday's fellow poker players goes for his gun to attack Chisolm, only to be stopped by Faraday by pulling a gun on him and covering Chisolm without missing a beat.
    • Billy Rocks is participating in a Quick Draw duel against a man. Said man is a Sore Loser, and taunts Billy over his race and demands a rematch, this time, to the death. Billy then proceeds to do a Quick Draw duel against the man, but not with a gun or a knife. With a hairpin. He somehow manages to draw and throw a pin in his hair faster than the man can fire his revolver, and do so with lethal precision.
      • Extra awesome is that this is a direct homage to Seven Samurai, down to the shift in posture to allow Billy to dodge and kill his opponent in one move.
      • Fridge Awesome: Goodnight, who is himself legendarily lethal, doesn't bat an eye when Billy sheds his guns before the second duel. Implying that such curb stomps occur so regularly they barely warrant a reaction.
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    • Goodnight doesn't even have to do anything, just his name is enough to scare people.
    • Two men are bragging about how they killed Jack Horne by smashing his head with a rock and throwing him off a cliff. Suddenly, a tomahawk flies from off-screen, killing one of them. The camera turns around and we see a very alive and very angry Jack Horne marching down in the survivor's direction before smashing in his head with his bare feet. All five of the onlooking Seven are suitably impressed.
      • And then afterwards, Horne shows them a nasty head wound, which meant the men weren't lying about smashing a rock on his head. Horne not only survived the wound, but tracked his attackers for two straight days before catching up with them.
    • The first time Red Harvest goes into combat, he manages to take out an entire platoon of snipers in the rooftops of Rose Creek without making a sound and without being noticed by any of them. And he does it with a bow.
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    • While his debut at the Rose Creek fight goes somewhat badly, after some hard nudging from Faraday we get to see why Goodnight is called the Angel of Death: during the training sessions for the townsfolk he's finally goaded into showing them how to properly fire a rifle...Goodnight proceeds to literally shoot the head off the dummy he aims at without missing a single shot.
    • While Vasquez's initial introduction doesn't give him any time to show off, there's a shot where he walks into the bank, guns akimbo, and shoots down two of the men in there almost instantly.
  • The Seven's debut at Rose Creek. They all make very short work of Bogue's twenty-two men, with damn near zero effort.
  • The Final Battle at the end of the movie is nothing short but pure awesome. The Highlights are numerous, with many coming from the titular Seven naturally:
    • The liberal use of dynamite as boobytraps works wonders in cutting down the numbers of Bogue's army and disrupting their attack.
    • Vasquez coming out in the open and quick-gunning down McCann in the street, emptying a revolver into him and leaving him to collapse into a conveniently placed coffin.
    • Jack Horne, who ventures out into the battlefield cutting down gunmen with a hatchet, and while trying to protect a wounded townsman takes a slew of arrows to the chest by Denali before finally coming to his death, sitting upright.
    • Goodnight's Big Damn Heroes moment, combined with Changed My Mind, Kid - returning guns ablaze and saving everyone by alerting them all to the first wave of gatling gun fire.
    • Red Harvest saving Cullen from Denali, calling him a disgrace and kicking him to his death. The kicker to this is that the fight is barely a fight, Red Harvest takes Denali apart in a few short swings.
    • Goodnight and Billy spotting Faraday heading towards the gatling gun and providing perfect cover fire - shooting down every pursuer behind him, just before they get taken out themselves.
    • Faraday blowing up the gatling gun with a stick of dynamite before he gets taken out.
    • Chisolm vs. Bogue. The quick draw ends with Chisolm shooting and wounding Bogue several times, then strangling him to near death and getting him to pray over Chisolm's mother and sisters who were raped sometime before. And just before Bogue could retaliate, Cullen gets the drop on Bogue and finally shoots the bastard dead, avenging her husband from the prologue.

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