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Heartwarming / Left Behind

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  • Anytime Jesus speaks to the believers in the Dramatic Audio in Glorious Appearing.
    • First, his exchange with Kenny:
    Jesus: "...and I know you miss your mom and your dad."
    Kenny: "But that's okay, cause they're with you, right?"
    Jesus: (chuckles) "Yes. Yes, they are. And you know I loved them, and I'll take good care of them."
    Kenny: "I know."
    Jesus: "And you know I love you too, Kenny."
    Kenny: "I love you too, Jesus." (to Beth-Ann) "He knows my name!"
    Beth-Ann: "Shh! I'm talking to Jesus!"
    Kenny: "So am I!"
    Priscilla Sebastian: "Will you two keep it down? So am I."
    • Next, is Rayford.
    Rayford: "Lord, I...I don't really know how to describe what it felt like when you called my name just now. Thank you. I hope that I am not out of line in admitting that I longed for more..."
    Jesus: "Rayford."
    Rayford: "Yes, Lord?"
    Jesus: "You know My grace. That though I was rich, yet for your sake, I became poor, and that you though My poverty became rich."
    Rayford: "Yes, Lord, I know that. I know."
    Jesus: "I have delivered you from the power of darkness and conveyed you into the Kingdom of God's love, in whom you have redemption through My blood, and the forgivenss of sins."
    Rayford: "I could have worked so much harder to show my gratitude. I..."
    Jesus: "Rayford, it pleased the Father that in Me all the fullness would dwell, and through Me all things are reconciled to himself, having made peace through the blood of My cross."
    Rayford: "Oh, Lord, I am so unworthy of that cross."
    Jesus: "Once. Once, you were alienated and an enemy because of wicked works, yet now I have reconciled you through My death... (Rayford begins sobbing) present you holy, and blameless, and above reproach in God's sight."
    Rayford: "Holy? Blameless? I'm unworthy. Unworthy!"
    Jesus: "You are justified by faith. Rayford, you are justified."

  • Cendrillon's funeral in Kingdom Come, at least before Buck Williams hijacks it and turns it into an altar call. Literally thousands of people show up for it, and most of them are children and young adults who remember her fondly as a teacher or as a big-sister figure.

  • Dr. Rose in the kids' series. He is supposedly doomed, after having taken the Mark of the Beast, but still takes time to heal and shelter the Young Trib Force kids who are supposedly the enemy.

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  • The Other Light in general. Doomed by Canon they may be, but for what little we see of them, they fit the good-guy La Résistance mold to a tee, and their tenacity is heartwarming.