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  • In Book 8, when David vomits on Carpathia. To repeat: David. Vomited. On the Antichrist.
  • In Nicolae: The Rise of the Antichrist, the title character has ordered the nuclear bombing of every major city because... well, he's ordered the nuclear bombing of every major city. Our co-protagonist, Rayford Steele, serving the Antichrist as his personal pilot, and through the intercom, can hear every bit of Carpathia's master plan. Eventually, Rayford can't stand it anymore and springs into action: he accelerates too quickly during takeoff, thus... forcing Nicolae to trip and fall down. He made the Antichrist trip and fall down. Meanwhile, the bombings continue as scheduled.
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  • In the very first book, in the aftermath of the Rapture, the plane that Buck Williams is on has to land at an airport while everyone figures out what's going on. To facilitate unloading, the crew lets down the emergency ramps. Buck elects to go down first. He tosses his shoes down, jumps...then tumbles down the slide and lands flat on his face on the ground.

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