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The Book and Movie

The God of the Left Behind Universe is the Authority from His Dark Materials

That would make the Jesus who rains death and destruction his agent Metatron.

Left Behind is a Cosmic Horror Story

The Tribulation Force is a group of underground Cultists who conspire to see The End of the World as We Know It brought about by an Eldritch Abomination. This will involve a great purge as all those who do not supplicate before their God of Evil are subjected to mortal tortures before being cast into a lake of Hellfire to burn for eternity. This is justified by a Blue-and-Orange Morality of a deity who loves mortals but punishes them if not loved in turn in a Why Did You Make Me Hit You? kind of way.


The Underground Zealot trilogy is a prequel to Left Behind

This one is actually Word Of God as per Jerry Jenkins' Facebook page. See here:

The Farscape Fanfic

The Crichton in the fanfic is Moya's Crichton.
During one part, Crichton hears about another him on Talyn with Aeryn, Crais, and a Banik and Hynerian he assumes to be Stark and Rygel.