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  • This may be a minor one, but I really like the relief of the Klatchian commander:
    The commander swallowed. 'We give in', he said.
    'What, just like that, sir?' said his sergeant. 'Without a fight?'
    'Yes, sergeant. Without a fight. This man can make water run uphill and he has a commander. I love the idea of giving in without a fight. I've fought for ten years and giving in without a fight is what I've always wanted to do.'
  • It is a small thing, but... Lady Sybil has been occupying her mind with knitting socks for Vimes.
    'Er... how long do you think my legs are?'
    'Um...' She looked at the knitting. 'Do you need a scarf?'
    • And a couple of pages later, when Vimes has been summoned to an audience with Vetinari (accompanied, of course, by Sybil), he's wearing a scarf.
    "Good evening, Sir Samuel, and may I say what a nice scarf you're wearing."
  • It's mixed with a bit of embarrassment and an uncomfortable feeling, but it's still strangely heartwarming when the crossdressing Nobby, having been denied access to the pub, is approached by the Klatchian women who include him in their group without a second thought.
    • He even keeps in contact with one of them at the end.
  • At the end Vetinari knocks over his chair. Why? Vimes has called his defusion of the war being "bought and sold" in regards to the volunteer soldiers. And that's the man who was calm and quiet while being shot. There are few things that can make Vetinari lose his calm, and we just learned one of them.
    "I'm bought and sold, aren't I?" said Vimes, shaking his head. "Bought and sold."
    "Not at all," said Vetinari.
    "Yes, I am. We all are. Even Rust. And all those poor buggers who went off to get slaughtered. We're not part of the big picture, right? We're just bought and sold."
    Vetinari was suddenly in front of Vimes, his chair hitting the floor behind his desk.
    "Really? Men marched away, Vimes. And men marched back. How glorious the battles would have been that they never had to fight!" He hesitated, and then shrugged. "And you say bought and sold? All right. But not, I think, needlessly spent."
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  • Vimes's reluctance to arrest Vetinari. When he's first ordered to make the arrest, he refuses - it's only when Carrot points out that it's his duty to do so that he acquiesces, "sadly". For all Vimes's grumbling about Vetinari throughout the books, it's made clear that Vimes genuinely respects Vetinari and is contemptuous of the guild leaders trying to replace him.
  • This scene at the end.
    They looked up at the Klatchian's Head, on its spike.
    “It's only wooden,” said Colon.
    Nobby said nothing.
    “And it's, like, part of our traditional heritage an' that,” Colon went on, but hesitantly, as if he didn't believe his own voice.
    Nobby blew his nose again, an exercise which, with all its little arpeggios and flourishes, went on for some time.
    The sergeant gave in. Some things didn't seem quite the same any more, he had to admit. “I've never really liked the place. Let's go to the Bunch of Grapes then, all right?”
    Nobby nodded.
    “Anyway, the beer here is frankly piss,” said Colon.
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  • In a morbid way, the order of alternate-timeline deaths related by the Dis-organizer is an example of Fridge Heartwarming. Detritus dies immediately after Cheery, suggesting he went berserk and demolished the troops who'd killed her without thought for his own defense: a fitting gesture for the troll, who hadn't had the chance to similarly avenge his dwarf friend Cuddy all those years ago. Constable Visit falls as the imp starts to stutter "death of" over and over, which may indicate that "Washpot" spent his last moments fighting side-by-side with other minor Watch members, no longer kept at arms' length for his proselytizing nagging. Dorfl expires just before Carrot, implying that the golem fell while heroically defending the man who'd given him his freedom. And Carrot himself dies just before Vimes does, quite probably by Taking the Bullet for his Commander, much as he'd done for Vetinari in Men At Arms and for Angua in Feet Of Clay.
  • It's almost explicitly stated that Carrot was the one to come up with the idea of rewarding Vimes by making him a Duke, and persuaded Vetinari to do it.
    "I am persuaded to change the title of your office."
    "'Commander' is rather a mouthful. So I have been reminded that a word that originally meant commander was 'Dux'."

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