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Nightmare Fuel / Jingo

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  • "Things to do todaytodaytoday: Die..."
    ''"...Seven eh em...Organize Defenders at River Gate...Seven twenty-five...Hand-to-Hand Fighting in Peach Pie Street...Seven forty-eight eight eight...Rally Survivors in Sator Square...Things To Do Today: Build Build Build Barricades...bingeley...Eight oh two eh em, Death of Corporal Littlebottombottom...Eight oh three eh em...Death of Sergeant Detritus...Eight oh threethreethree eh em and seven seconds seconds...Death of Constable Visit...Eight oh three eh em and nineninenine seconds...Death of death of death of...Death of Constable Dorfl...Eight oh three eh em and fourteenteenteen seconds...Death of Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson...beep...beep...Things To Do Today: Die..."
    • And if that wasn't bad enough, imagine what the Vimes in the other leg of the Trousers of Time would have been hearing, as everything fell to bits around him.
  • And then there's Leshp. Made creepier by the fact that we never actually figure out what's up with it.
    And suddenly no one wanted to explore any more, just in case they found something.
    • Although the oblique references to cephalopods combined with the "sunken city" theme seem to indicate that it is the Discworld equivalent of R'lyeh.
      • I seem to recall a line at the end of the book indicating that the curious squid consider the island theirs, so it could be an example of squid architecture.

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