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Heartwarming / Home (2015)

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  • The beautiful mother-daughter relationship between Tip and Lucy.
    • Tip travels the entire world just to find her mom. That's love.
    • While searching for Tip, Lucy describes her to a Boov representative "She has big green eyes, and beautiful brown skin."
    • Three words: "World's Best Mom". That and Lucy's expression just gives anyone a warm feeling.
    • Their reunion is just beautiful. Here is that moment.
  • The growing bond between Oh and Tip, even thought it was quite rocky at the beginning. By the end, they have a relationship akin to siblings.
    • The scene of Oh driving while Tip sleeps in the back seat, where he dances to her music, pets Pig, adjusts her blanket for her, and smiles at her affectionately.
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    • From Tip to Oh: "Your mistakes are what make you human."
    • From Oh to Tip: "You and Pig-Cat are my friends."
    • Tip giving Oh a "makeover".
    • Even though Oh tried to trick Tip into getting on the ship to escape the Gorgs, he was trying to save the first friend he's ever made. While he hasn't made his full Heel Realization, he's come a long way from lying to Tip just to save his own skin like he attempted to do in the beginning.
    • Tip and Oh hugging.
    • During their introductions, Tip uses her full name, telling Oh that only her friends call her Tip. As they continue on their adventure, she eventually tells Oh (who had been using her full name ever since) to call her Tip, showing that she has come to see him as a friend.
    • Oh crying and realising he misses Tip, then coming back to help her finally find Lucy.
    • Oh and Tip trying desperately to save each other from the Gorg.
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  • Pig immediately cuddling up to Oh when they get properly acquainted.
  • Kyle telling Oh that he should have always been his friend.
  • How about the fact that the Boov, under Oh's leadership, at the end are able to put everyone and everything back to where they are supposed to be and Humanity apparently accepts them without getting into a retaliatory war. Of course the fact that the bulk of the Boov relocated to the Moon and likely shared all their technology with the natives likely eased things along.
  • At the end, Oh finally gets his Housewarming party. The guests including Tip, Lucy, Pig, Kyle, a few other Boov members, and some humans.
  • The montage of Tip and Oh travelling together and describing their lives to one another. Especially when Tip talks about how her mother saved up all the money she had so they could move from Barbados to America.
  • During the climax, Oh realizes why the Gorg has been relentlessly tailing the Boov across the galaxy. Smek stole an incubator holding the entire next generation of the Gorg race. Oh goes to return the incubator, and the Captain of the Gorg's mothership reveals that he's an adorable sea star-esque alien. Despite the language barrier, the gratitude and relief in the Gorg's face is evident and beautiful.
    • If Oh's translation is accurate, then the Gorg took the time to let the Boov know that, while he did not come to Earth for Oh's party, he would have been happy to attend.
  • Tip leaving some money in a store before leaving. Just one of those moments that give us an insight on who Tip is.
  • Lucy telling Oh 'thank you' after Tip explains that he helped her.



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