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Oh will share all of Boov technology with Humanity in recompense.
After all, that will likely be the only thing the Boov can offer for all the abductions and the property damage they did during the invasion to prevent a inter-species war.
  • Well, the Boov did clearly form colonies on the Moon (while some still remaining on Earth) and the planet is back to normal in about two weeks. I'd say that the Boov sharing technology is pretty likely.

Related to the WMG above, humans, the Boov, and Gorg will be the founders of a galactic alliance.

Where would the three species fit in the alliance? Boov have tech, Gorg have military might, but where would humanity fit in the alliance? Answer? Cattle (or at best expendable multitudes if the alliance ever needed to declare war).

  • More likely, we'd be the tacticians and diplomats. The Boov have quite a talent for manufacturing creature comforts, but are lacking in military might and willpower. The Gorg can produce some great weapons and hi-tech super-chips to power and control them, but are rather lacking in the population to organize a massive military operation. We humans number in the billions and, as Quark could tell you, disturbing our peace and depriving us of our creature comforts will quickly turn us angrier and more violent than the nastiest Klingon—or Gorg. Pick a fight with Earth, especially now that we've got some new permanent residents, and a billion human-manufactured Gorg drone knock-offs—each remotely piloted by an individual human mind—will darken the skies of your planet within a month.

Tip skipped a grade or two
She says that she's eleven years old, but she also mentions 7th grade girls. Most 7th graders tend to be around 12 or 13, depending on when their birthday is. Adding in the fact she keeps mentioning how she got an "A" in geometry, it isn't unbelievable that she was moved up a year or so. Of course, considering she just moved to a different country, it would also make her feel even more like an outsider among her peers...
  • The director stated Tip's age in the film is 12 which does put her in the 7th grade age range.

Captain Smek has slightly better control over his Color-Coded Emotions than some of his fellow Boov
Since Boov seem to turn green whenever they lie about something, how did Captain Smek manage to assure the other Boov over television or whatever that everything was under control and they would stop the transmission to the Gorg? After all, the instant he was off the air, he panicked and said the exact opposite, proving he'd been lying with his reassurances. And yet he didn't turn green during that time. His ability to lie without instantly turning green might even be the reason he managed to become captain in the first place.
  • This particularly makes sense if their color change is due to a change in their body temperature, making them change color like a mood ring. Sociopaths in particular generally register no readings on the polygraph "lie detector" device because they don't generally feel guilty or panicked about lying. If Smek is a sociopath, this likewise would enable him to lie without changing his temperature. He also wouldn't turn yellow from fear, since sociopaths tend to lack emotional appreciation for future consequences of current events even when they can fully comprehend these consequences intellectually (i.e. imminent danger doesn't terrify Smek until it's staring him right in the face).

The "number 3" waste disposal function is a nuclear core dump.
Oh mentions that the Boov only go number 3 about once a year, and that it's not a good idea for others to be around when they do. At one point in the movie, he also dives into the ocean to cool himself off, complaining that his "core" is overheated. He mentions nearly going number 3 out of terror at the approaching Gorg mothership, and warns Tip not to squeeze him too hard because a number 3 still might happen. What kind of waste disposal fits all of those descriptions? Nuclear waste, that's what. The reason you don't want to be around when Boov are going number 3 is because of the heat and radiation from the core dump. The Boov presumably have some kind of natural shielding against nuclear radiation that humans and other species don't. This might also explain their rather bizarre diet if the nuclear core they're feeding runs on fusion rather than fission; theoretically, just about anything could fuel a nuclear fusion reactor once it gets hot enough for its reaction to be self-sustaining.

The Gorg deliberately cultivated a fearsome image.
SPOILERS!!!Since the Gorg seen in the film is the only adult Gorg left alive, he wanted to be left all alone to ensure the raising of the future of his race. Thus, he tailored all their technology to look intimidating and, since Gorg were probably rare before him and nobody knew what Gorg looked like, he built an encounter suit specifically made for intimidation. The end goal was scaring anyone who might try to hurt him, or his children, off. However, through some circumstances, he had to call the Boov in for an audience and all his efforts to be scary backfired. Thus, all the plot of the movie is kicked off. The Gorg himself is not violent, but for his race's protection, he just wants to look so.

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