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Fridge Brilliance

  • Home is not where you were born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease.” —Naguib Mahfouz (1911-2006), Egyptian writer & novelist; Nobel Prize for Literature 1988.
  • When Tip threatens to punch Oh in the nose, why did he cover his tentacle-horn-things? He was earlier seen using them to smell an air freshener, so they must be closest thing the Boov have to a nose.
  • The Gorg look so Obviously Evil, but it turns out that they're literally Starfish Aliens in some kind of armour. Considering how small and physically weak the Gorgs' true form appears, they probably made the suits scary on purpose to protect themselves from potential threats.
    • Which makes sense why the Gorg would want to talk to the Boov in the first place both being weaker aliens whose only defense is their advanced technology, although they use it differently. The Gorg probably saw the Boov as possible allies.
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  • Oh is the only Boov we see turn green when lying. We see Smek lie constantly without any change in color. And one Boov lied to Oh about going to his party with no change. One might assume that Oh's transition to green when lying is an anomaly, until you realize that it isn't just lying that causes the color change. It's the guilt associated with lying. Oh told Tip he could fire lasers from his eyes, but didn't turn green until she called him on it. Smek has sociopathic levels of self interest, and probably wouldn't feel guilt even if called out on a lie. And the Boov who lied to Oh about attending his party probably felt justified in the lie as he considered Oh annoying.
  • When the Boov react in shock to Smek removing Oh's "ingenious disguise"—a barely-noticeable speck of dirt on his face—it's obviously because the Boov aren't as smart as they think they are, right? While that may be the point of the joke, the Boov we see all look remarkably alike. Same number and shape of limbs, similar facial structures, very limited range of skin colours...the only real way to tell one Boov from another would be with small personal details. With a species as identical as the Boov, it would make sense that a Boov with even a tiny difference would register as a different person to the others.
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  • Tip gave up after checking with only 3 people before her phone ran out of battery. She probably realized that this "Happy Humans Town" is one of thousands and it merely looked the same as the one her mom was taken to.
  • At the end of the movie, the Boov don't seem to be suffering any consequences for their actions, but they seem to have helped get the humans back to their homes, and with Oh in charge they are likely being friendlier in general. The Gorg no longer has a reason to chase them as he got what he wanted. Besides which, the Boov have advanced technology that in some cases borders on magic compared to normal human tech, and it is hinted that the relocation from near the beginning created greater unity among humanity. Overall, the human race is in a much better position now than it was before the Boov arrived.
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  • The Gorg has a definite dubstep/techno theme in its music, with a distinct metallic sound to it, fitting in with its overall design. The Boov have a bubble motif, so their theme music is... what else? Pop.
  • How did it happen that the Gorg still found the Boov on Earth, despite that Oh deleted his invitation before it got there? Simple enough, the Gorg must've heard of the invitation from another alien species that received it. Just seeing a boov invitation was enough to prompt it to investigate where it came from. Just as Tip told her mother, the Gorg would've never stopped until it found its babies.
    • Or else he might've simply noticed a lot of other ships were headed that way, and figured whatever was attracting them might lure in the Boov too. Thanks to the Superchip he naturally arrived before the other aliens whose trajectory he'd traced.
    • This troper just assumed that that the Gorg had a way of tracking their offspring.
  • Both Oh and Smek refer to Tip as a "humans person". Not "human", but "humans". Seems they're so used to "Boov" and "Gorg" being both singular and plural that they assume the plural word "humans" must be the singular as well.
  • At one point, while pushing his way through a crowd to flee like a Dirty Coward, Smek cries out to make way, he's carrying a baby! He thinks he's lying, because it's his bubble-wrap security blanket he's got tucked under his arm, but he's also carrying the Shusher, so he's really carrying an entire race of babies!
  • If you've read the book, it may clarify a few things that were never touched up on.
    • "Pompf" is actually a Boov-ish swear. The reason this is fridge is because it was a single throwaway line in the book.
    • What's with the lack of concern for pets? According to the book, the Boov had Coovish, who flip-flopped on whether they were considered feral or domesticated. They probably think Earth pets are just as adaptable.
    • Nobody seems to care what the governments think. In the books, nobody did, but they explained that it was because the Boov didn't either. Plus, when you're all being relocated to towns randomly, who cares what the old leaders think?

Fridge Horror

  • Considering Capt. Smek's Shush stick is jeweled with a rock that contained the embryonic entire future generation of the Gorg, you can understand why the Gorg is such a Juggernaut chasing the Boov at all costs, considering everytime he hits someone with it he is threatening to cause a genocide each time!
    • It's a bit worse than that. Recall that the Boov have Extreme Omnivore tendencies. For all the Gorg knew, Smek had turned around and EATEN all of its offspring.
    • Speaking of Gorg, what happened to the natives of all the other planets it destroyed chasing the Boov?
  • Consider for a moment if Pig hadn't been a Spanner in the Works. Tip wouldn't have been separated from Lucy, and thus never would have been around to meet Oh, so when Oh made his mistake, he would have been caught and Erased after they canceled his invite (assuming Smek wouldn't have jumped the gun and erased Oh before they realized they needed his password). Either way the Gorg still would have found them on earth, and instead of going back and fixing everything like Oh did they just would have left and the Gorg would have destroyed Earth in his desperate search for the children Smek kidnapped before giving chase once more......good kitty.
  • The Gorg was searching for a tiny, relatively delicate item in a huge, planet-reaving vehicle with considerable inertia. He could have easily destroyed the thing he was looking for.
  • What would have been the environmental impact of increasing the population density of Australia so dramatically.
    • Not just the population increase. The Boov set out massive spans of turf and housing that probably messed up the soil, and as shown by them leaving the pets behind they are probably of the opinion that species should not mix, so probably displaced wildlife for miles. And that's just in Australia, who knows what environmental damage the Boov did in the places they occupied, with things like lifting whole rock formation into the air, and treating motor oil as a casual drink.
  • Why is Pig the cat the only other animal than Humans who's ever seen? When I saw the movie I didn't see any dogs, other cats, horses etc..! What happend?
    • If memory serves, the Boov take anything they don't see as useful and puts it up in spheres, so that is one theory, at the same time, they did move around most of the humans, so it could be possible that they moved the animals too, which seems to be likely as a dog was heard barking when they moved the humans.
  • Here's something I realized last night-so the Boov used what are essentially giant vacuum cleaners to relocate everybody, right? Here's the thing: the people shown abducted were either children or middle-age adults. All of them looked healthy enough. But what about infants and elderly people? It's no secret that their bones are weaker than ours. What if an old lady was seriously injured after being sucked into the passenger bubble at such high speeds and forced through plastic balls? Or what if a mother and her baby got separated as they were being taken? How about people who are handicapped or hospitalized, who very well could have been taken away from their wheelchairs and life support equipment?
    • But wait, there's more! Obviously the Boov turned the gravity back on when they were finished, and if Pig being ignored was anything to go by, they weren't interested in pet animals. (They may have shuffled around wild animals, though) So how many people were returned home to find that Fido was crushed underneath a bookcase, or Goldie's fishbowl shattered and she suffocated? And if, miraculously, no pet was injured, Tip and Oh's journey to set things right was over the course of quite a few days. Perhaps a few pets were reduced to starving wrecks, terrified that their masters had disappeared?
    • However, the Boov did send a cleanup crew to "fix up" everything. They probably brought whatever wasn't sent up to the sky back to whatever they assumed was its normal position. Thus, they probably took care of carnage, if there was any. Still brings to mind, however, what the Boov did to any pets they found alive. And if they found any dead, even with proper disposal they would still have a fairly awkward situation on their hands once the humans were returned...
    • Not to mention how many other humans got stranded all alone just like Tip did, merely because they were walking their dogs or out riding horseback or whatever when the abductions began.
  • Okay, so we've brought up the possible ecological devastation of Australia from the increased population. It's bad enough, but then you realize that ALL the humans were trapped on that continent together. That means criminals including terrorist groups and serial killers were free to wreak havoc on Happy Humanstown. Since the Boov usually don't take to violence and don't care about any other species than themselves, they probably would've just stood by and let it happen. The Purge, anyone?
    • Then again there were probably still people like policemen who would have done their best to try stop them.


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