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Headscratchers / Home (2015)

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  • Was there a point to Tip putting her hair up other than making it easier for the animators?
    • She was heading towards warmer climates. That much hair can get pretty hot to deal with.
      • Also, you know, people with long enough hair to touch their necks and shoulders don't always want it touching their neck and shoulders. It can get annoying; it's entirely possible that Tip's hair was irritating her and she wanted it up. And besides that, maybe she had aesthetic reasons, such as a preference for her second hairstyle, or she was tired of how it looked down and wanted to switch it up.
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    • She wears her hair up during the second act, which prominently features a lot of driving scenes. From a visual standpoint, her hair tied up might have simply looked better for the time inside such an enclosed space. From a story standpoint, she untied her hair after the scene where she allowed Oh to call her Tip, showing that she had opened up to him. Such a detail couldn't happen if she didn't tie up her hair in the first place.
  • Why did the Boov even have the Gorg's number programmed into their devices? Normally even if you press Send All, it only goes to numbers already programmed into their phone, so why would the directions even go to the Gorg?
    • While we're on the topic of the message, why did Oh give directions to the planet earth? All the people he would want to invite are already on earth. They do not need directions to the planet, they need directions to his apartment, especially since he was trying to send it to just Kyle. The Doylist explanation is obviously that it needs to be give directions for the message to have any dramatic impetus, but they could just as easily have said that the Gorg can trace their signals, which would have made much more sense.
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    • This might seem like a stretch, but perhaps it had something to do with their peace meeting mentioned later. Maybe the Gorg called them and wanted to see if they could join forces? Or, maybe, seeing how they were able to contact the entire galaxy, their devices have the Gorg programmed in by default? Just a guess. As for Oh sending directions...maybe he wanted to invite other aliens?
  • Does Oh have a real name?
    • It's subtly implied that he doesn't have one or, he was called "Oh" so many times that he adopted it as his name.
  • Does no one else realize that humans have a third form of waste, too? Considering that in fiction, it can even be weaponised, one would think they'd have called the Boovs' other form of waste Number Four instead...
    • Gas doesn't count as waste, what count as waste would be urine, stool, and, at times, vomit as the body expels those things to rid itself of toxins or excess. If anything I think Oh was referring to the severity level of their waste, Number three being the highest.
    • Even a fourth if you just count the ladies.


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