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Heartwarming / HC Bailly

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  • HC kind of tried to have a warm moment with JB (his brother) during a scene in Seiken Densetsu 3 that has sad music. Only half worked though, JB was being a Deadpan Snarker throughout.
  • The fact that HC himself can get choked up during some of the games' more Tear Jerker moments, though this may be a Tear Jerker. Depends on the context.
  • This string of comments on Part 11 of The Legend of Zelda is kind of nice.
    Comment 1: [...] How old ARE you, HC Bailly?
    HC: As of this comment, I am 31, a retired veteran general, by jRPG standards.
    Comment 2: I remember watching your video a few years ago and I could've sworn you said you were gonna stop before your 30's.
    HC: I lied. :)

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