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  • The ending of Touhou Mother, singing along with the eight melodies and simply letting the song repeat as the project comes to a close.
  • Expect any moment where he talks about his late brother to be one.
  • Along with songs chosen for his Lets Listen series that really get him pumped up and excited, he also chooses a lot of calm, uplifting songs as well simply because of his belief in the healing power of music and treats all of them and their composers with great respect.
  • He had a very hard time with Part 2 of Final Fantasy VI but stated that absolutely nailing Locke's, "I'll protect you," line when he first meets Celes made that entire part worth the effort and trouble.
    • Taking a week to learn how to edit a live performance of the opera into the game? All done to give the viewers a glimpse of how special that segment of the game has become to him after initially hating it as a kid.
  • Stating that recording the videos just doesn't feel the same without the interaction from the Twitch chat when he's able to stream and record at the same time.
  • The entire two-year anniversary video with the dedication at the beginning, the speech at the end, and the game's symbolic representation of his foray into Let's Playing. But hey, what else can you expect from Journey?
    • Within the video itself, the companion he stayed with for the rest of the game showing up seemingly out of nowhere due to arriving in the middle of a cutscene.
  • Has stated to several people that there's no shame to be had or manliness points lost for breaking down and crying on camera because of it being one of the best forms of connecting with the characters in a game.
  • He said his goal is to help show why he loves classic games as much as he does and hopes he's able to effectively share that love with his viewers. This troper can say he's succeeded so far.
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  • Talking about how Soul Blazer's theme of rebirth and reincarnation helped prepare his mind to accept the potential upcoming loss of his dog at the time of recording. His dog would pass on a few weeks later.

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