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  • At the end of “Haemophobia” after they’ve figured out who told the village about Martin’s blood phobia, Louisa goes back in to give the man a piece of her mind and tell him how he’s not a tenth of the man Martin is and to spell out the consequences if he ever does something like that again.
  • Combined with Moment of Awesome when Martin's parents turn up in the village trying to yank Joan's farm out from under her to pay off their debts. When Martin finds out, he gives up his flat in London to settle the debt and confronts his father with cold rage and a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about doing right by family. In spite of being raised by such self-centered and horrible people and turning out with No Social Skills, Martin managed to become a better person than them.
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  • Louisa and Martin having quite a nice time at the outdoor charity concert, looking like they're actually going to be a happy couple. (Until he ruins it by suggesting her attempts to get closer are menstrual hormones. But it was nice while it lasted.)
  • Admist all the whispers, accusations, and general prying into her and Martin's affairs when she returns from London pregnant, it's rather refreshing to see Bert Large greeting Louisa with a cheerful "Welcome back!" without any judgment, and refusing to serve a man who calls her a whore.

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