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  • Fridge Brilliance: Martin has a somewhat old fashioned view on the surface; he thinks that Louisa should stay at home to raise their child, rather than get back into work. It makes sense, however. Given how his own parents showed no interest in raising him, after all.
    • That said, he also looks into boarding schools, although in his case, it seems to be more about getting his child the best possible education than avoiding raising his son.
    • Martin seems to become grumpier as the series go on. In the first series, he's a tiny bit friendlier in some respects, at least until someone manages to earn his ire or prove they're idiots. It might seem like Flanderization, but then you wonder about if Martin is ultimately frustrated by the idiocy of the villagers, the utter differences between his emotionally reticent self and said villagers, their ability to get any kind of disease, no matter how implausible or improbable, sometimes due to the fact that they seem unwilling to take his advice seriously, and possibly his and Louisa's inability to keep their relationships going due to him being emotionally reticent and perhaps her inability to stand it...

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