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Heartwarming / Count Duckula

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Hugs 4 Nanny
  • For some people who have a fear of vampires, this series might just be an entire Crowning Moment of Heartwarming on account that it features a friendly vampire.

  • In The Incredible Shrinking Duck, Nanny becomes distressed and starts to cry when hearing that Duckula was cooking, as she thought it meant he didn't liked her cooking (which in itself could count as a Tear Jerker ). Duckula's then tries his best at comforting and reassuring her that he loves her cooking, the way he goes about it is really sweet and honestly adorable.

  • Another one with Duckula and Nanny, in Castle Duckula: Open to the Public, Nanny temporarily loses her memory. As the confused Nanny asks who Duckula is he says he's Duckula before lightly hugging her and calling himself "her Duckyboos" (her nickname for him, which he's not too fond of) seeing how concerned for her he was was touching to say the least.
    • On top of that, Nanny's natural instinct (after losing her memory) upon seeing Duckula was to hug him.

  • In The Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame, when Duckula thought Nanny had been taken from them forever, he got genuinely upset and sounded as if he were going to cry.(while Igor didn't seem to mind her absences.) Luckily, Nanny was returned to the gang and received a warm welcome from The Count.

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  • Towards the end of Arctic Circles, Igor and Duckula share a Aww, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other moment, as the two reconcile and admit that they're glad to have each other present in there lives. It's sweet because even though they have clashing world views and constantly bicker about what The Count should be doing with his time, the two do ultimately care for one another. The entire episode is about Igor and The Count's relationship, and is very telling about the two.

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