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Tear Jerker / Count Duckula

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  • This whole show if you think about it, is REALLY depressing
    • Duckula is a broke outcast from his village for the murderous crimes of his ancestors and has to live with the guilt that those monsters were technically HIM (Which must be extra hard with how young he seems to be portrayed). He's constantly failing at any attempt to prove himself to be anything other than a vampire, is constantly stocked and harassed by a crazy old goose who wants him dead and the only family he has consists of a hateful, nasty, stoic vulture and a mindlessly destructive hen.

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    • Igor is a elderly vulture forced from birth to spend nearly 700 years working for blood craving monsters, and is so warped and jaded that he ENJOYS seeing village maidens and other victims of Duckula suffer. He now spends his time miserably going along with The Count and his zany, wild, and tiring adventures rather than doing the one thing he actually enjoy's in his life.

    • Goosewing is a ditzy genius who has dedicated his life to hunting a vampire that's not a threat, has been deemed insane by almost everyone he's met, his only friend either left him years ago or was never real, and he is constantly getting hurt due to his clumsiness and elderly age. His heart is ultimately in the right place but his old mind seems cluttered and mismanaged making it hard to not feel sorry for the good intended doctor.

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