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Fridge / Count Duckula

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Von Goosewing's continual attempts to kill Duckula make sense when you consider he's the first instance of a vegetarian vampire in centuries of Duckula revivals, and previous incarnations were noted for their cleverness. Given the past Duckulas, Von Goosewing's is simply Wrong Genre Savvy, if anything.
    • In addition the villainous Duckula used in Danger Mouse may be one of said incarnations before meeting his end (and thus setting up for Igor's botched ritual).

  • Why does the ketchup, a product usually served on meat, turn Duckula into a vegetarian, rather than just making him a meat eater instead of a blood drinker? Ostensibly, because it was made from Tomatoes. But shouldn't that have given Duckula a craving for fruits instead? Tomatoes aren't vegetables, after all.

  • Fridge Brilliance: What if all of Duckula's bad luck through out the show was due to the events that transpired in "Bad Luck Duck". It would honestly explain a lot.

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