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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • Robert stopping Ned from possibly breaking the truce at King's Landing. This establishes that Robert will look out for Eddard; as opposed to Ned just supporting Robert.
  • While mixed with a Tearjerker, Robert and Ned mourning Lyanna together in the Red Keep. In particular Robert had been in a violent depression while Ned was gone; but immediately opens up to to Ned on his arrival.
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  • The liberation of Pentos; while Nightmare Fuel for the magisters is quite the opposite for the bondsmen. Who not only get true emancipation finally but reparations. And while the Braavosi are far from perfect, seeing one of the more competent and morally upright societies in this world expand will warm the hearts of many readers.
  • Also from Pentos; seeing Westerosi martial prowess used in a worthy cause, from the Andal knights, and the Northmen, to Ironborn Reavers, curbstomping the slavers.
  • Robert doesn't try to give up his sexual hijinks because of some "Reason You Suck" Speech, or from grief over Lyanna, or even trying to cut a better image for his men. He is trying to be a mire considerate man because the horrors he witnessed in the sex slave school he liberated in Myr, and the aftermath, prompted a Heel Realization.
  • Robert only starts his ling running affair with the former slave Alaesa, when she comes to his bed of her own intiative. And he is not only trying to be monogamous, to the shock of all, but makes a point of talking and getting to know her as a person.
    • Given Robert's overall better mental health, especially on the matter of Lyanna, its quite likely The Power of Love here had as much to do with Robert avoiding his OTL chronic depression as him getting to live a more fulfilling kingly role in Essos.

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