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Heartwarming / The Changeling Sequence

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The Changeling

  • Jason and Damian. Their whole relationship.
    • It's not only Jason ensuring Damian's safety while they are traveling to Gotham. It's the little things such as making him try M&Ms (even if this ended up a disaster) and assuring him Bruce will love him.
    • Damian waking Jason when the teen suffers a nightmare, then crawling into the bed to comfort him. Made even more powerful by Jason's earlier unability to do the same when the kid cried in his sleep.
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    • To make absolutely clear they were brothers, Jason started to call Bruce "dad". Over time, it grew more and more comfortable to do so.
  • Due to Jason being the first Batkid introduced to him, Damian obviously favours him over Dick. Dick is totally okay with that, musing that having someone to look after and looking up to him did wonders for Jason.
    • His initial reaction when Damian's parentage is dropped on his lap: Talia being the mom is a bit Squick to him but hey, new baby brother! Gotta love him!
    • Their first meeting: Dick is tired, annoyed and frustrated by quite a crappy day, but when he finds a panicking kid on his doorstep, he immediately forgets his bad mood to comfort the boy. And that was before learning they were related.
  • Tim is well and truly a cutie in this story. Just look at his sheer glee when he finds Jason sleeping at Dick's!
    • His suggesting Jason could become a new crimefighter under the codename Red Robin. He's just so cheerful and excited that the other teen grumbles he wants to hate his replacement, why is Tim making it so hard?
  • Bruce briefly thinks about rejecting Damian as his son, but immediately reminds himself this is an innocent kid who needs a dad.
  • Bruce and Jason's reunion will open the waterworks wide:
    • The very first word Jason tells after two years of separation: "dad".
    • Bruce hugging the teen and calming him with the sentence he absolutely needed to hear, because knowing is not always sufficient.
    "I love you."
  • Dick, Tim and Damian preparing milkshakes while Batman is searching for Jason.
  • The method surely was twisted and harrowing, but Talia arranged the whole sequence of events which led Jason and Damian to Gotham. She gave Bruce his sons back.


The Guardian

  • Damian and Tim watching Phantom Menace with popcorn. Compared to their canonically vitriolic relationship, they're plain adorable.
  • Ma Kent wistfully relates how much Clark looks like his Pa. Yes he does, he smiles exactly the same.
  • The Titans immediately want to be there for Tim when they learn his dad was murdered, and Jason has to gently dissuade them on the grounds they would overwhelm him. But later? They totally have his blessing to come.
    • Their welcome for Dick also matters: it reads very much as a schoolfriends reunion, complete with inquiries about the new "baby" in the family.
  • Bruce reassures Damian it's okay to feel happy when things are sad around you. And maybe you need it, as a reminder the sadness won't last forever.
    • He later makes the kid discover cream of wheat, since he remembers Martha Wayne used to comfort him with this.
  • Damian coming to a grieving, still shocked Tim and demanding the teen fixes his broken toy. But Tim quickly realizes the toy was deliberately messed with, and the kid certainly could have repaired it by himself. Aw, Damian, you does care.
  • Jason saving a stray dog from a Jerkass. The dog reappears at Wayne Manor, to Damian's greatest joy.
  • Four brothers playing basketball, complete with hi-jinks.

The Progenitor

  • The Teen Titans invade Wayne Manor to wish Tim a happy birthday, complete with video games.
    • Bruce actually gave his blessing to Jason for the party, and feels quite satisfied to learn it was a smashing success.
  • The Odd Friendship between Connor Hawke and Jason.
  • Bruce gets to see Damian's baby pictures. It won't replace be there to see him growing, but it's still something.
  • When Jason starts to angst, Talia expresses she would very much like to murder anyone responsible for ruining his self-worth. Okay, they're already dead, but that's the spirit.


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