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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked.

  • Lord Rickard Stark deciding to emulate some of his more badass ancestors, and turn a feast into the first war council of his rebellion on the spot.
  • While the idea came from Summer Crowns it is still pretty awesome for Robert to throw away the crown, averting his OTL destiny of misery on the Iron Throne.
  • The Fall of Pentos. Not only does the plan go off without a hitch, but unlike later such operations in the story it avoids spiraling out of control into a an outright sack.
    • One of the local magisters gets a moment, catching Ned's eye as the man sneers down a cavalry charge, unarmed and unarmored. Whatever else he might have been that man was no coward.
  • Robert carrying out a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on a magister who ran a sex slave school. When the man tried to justify even dealing in little girls by it just being good business, Robert hits him in the head with his hammer so hard it exploded. To witnesses that and his subsequent beating on the corpse double as Nightmarefuel.
    • This event also seems to be having long term character development effects on Robert.
  • Brandon the Broken, in body but not spirit.
    • Catelyn steps up helping him rule the North, seeming to have gotten over any hang up she may have had over her husband being crippled.
  • The Battle of Tara, very much a Big Badass Battle Sequence.
    • The two on one duel between Jaime Lannister and Ned Stark on one hand Arthur Dayne on the other. What's more Dayne wins and only escapes rather than trying to finish anyone off because his forces are in retreat.
  • Septon Jonothor rallying the retreating Freemen with an impromptu sermon. This is one of the events that turns the tide of the Siege of Myr.
  • Meta, Robert undergoes character development different from both OTL and Summer Crowns. With Robert seeming to be maturing past his frat boy hedonism.
  • Robert's second coronation.
  • A younger, but still old, Erik Ironmaker being a Cool Old Guy by Ironborn standards at least.
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  • Even if its due to luck and underhandedness, Ser Harry Flash uncovers a conspiracy during the Pentos Conference.
  • The Battle of Narrow Run, the Royal Army of Myr vs a Dothraki Khalasar.
    • Due to the Slaver War most of the Westerosi veteran forces are fortifying the coast. The Kingdom of Myr is being defended by elite commanders but mostly newer troops of Myrish origin.
    • The Iron Legion, who are by vast majority freed slaves, withstand the Dothraki charge tactics that have topple nations. And under the Blackfish's command counterattack. In-universe this is the battle that earns the Iron Legion its spurs as a military force.
  • The Peace of Pentos was not a great victory for Robert. But his perceived humiliation there and failure to live up to his ideals defending or avenging his subjects drives him to start trying to be a better king instead of delegating as much ruing as he could o the Small Council.
    • Awesome in a meta sense as the Summer Crowns Robert never had a breakthrough like this instead leaving the role of de facto ruler to Ned.
  • Ned's resignation as Hand. This displays Reality Ensues with not just the fallout of killing Zirqo under flag of truce but all the hardship and stress Ned has been through. Crosses into Heartwarming territory with Robert accepting it despite having been the one most guilty of leaning on Ned.
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  • The First Tourney of Myr, which includes events designed to cater too all the different groups comping Myr's military rather than just the knights and archers.
  • Lord Estermont proves himself to be a Cool Old Guy, when he decides to volunteer himself into the cavalry charge at Solva despite having no obligation as an envoy. The fact he survives the battle and seems in good health is a good sign he was not all bluster either.


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