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Heartwarming / Ask The New Hope's Peak

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  • Even after everything they went through during the situation in Towa City, Komaru and Toko adopted the Warriors of Hope.
    • Jataro even asks if he can call Komaru "mom." She happily obliges
  • Kyoko tells Naomi that her uncle's Heroic Sacrifice was paramount to ending the final killing game, and that she's grateful to him for saving her life.
  • When Makoto says he feels like he has to bear the burden of all the dead students of Class 78, Kyoko takes his hand and says that they would be proud of him for everything he's accomplished, and that he's rebuilt the school to one that actually represents hope. All of which is then interrupted by Alter Ego playing Rick Astley's ''Never Gonna Give You Up''.
  • When Masaru runs off after feeling awful over disrespecting the memories of the ones who died in the killing game, Kotoko, Komaru, and Toko are quick to follow and console him.
    • While Naomi wants to tell Komaru and Toko what happened immediately, Jataro and Nagisa both have faith that Kotoko can help him. Really shows how close the four of them are.
  • Jataro deciding to stop wearing his mask.
  • Rock and Ibuki have an honest conversation about what really happened before the Tragedy before becoming friends.
  • In a bit of a similar vein to the above two, Kyoji and Mikan reuniting after many years, catching up after all this time, and becoming friends. And eventually blossoming into a romantic relationship.
  • Yukari adopting Nagito as her older brother.
  • Everyone comforting Kotoko after she finds out that she has HIV. Doubles as a Tearjerker, especially when Masaru breaks down crying, begging her not to die.
  • Kyoji comforting Ryouko, explaining the circumstances of her creation, and promising to help her whenever she needs it.
    Mod V: OK so I have a goal for Ryouko. And that goal involves her considering Kyoji her dad. And Mikan as her cool stepmom.
    • And she does, also choosing to see Miaya as her mother.
  • Kin has decided to become a mythology teacher as a way of honoring a dead friend, likely Mai Asari, who from what little we know, likely enjoyed mythology.
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  • Sly's interactions with Ryouko
  • Ryouko is quick to run to the hospital after learning that Kyoji was injured in Shirokuma's attack.
  • Kyoji is very supportive and understanding when Mikan reveals that she's pregnant.
    • It makes a lot of sense when you consider that he was also an unplanned child.
  • After hearing about the attack at the circus, Masaru accompanies Syo and Hijirihara. His rationale? Kotoko is his girlfriend, so of course he needs to help her.
  • After hearing about her miscarriage, Kyoji goes to comfort Mikan. And when she questions why the universe hates her, he hugs her and tells her that he loves her.
  • Amidst all the growing chaos and misery in Hope's Peak, we do get a genuinely beautiful moment where Makoto asks Kyoko to marry him. She gladly says yes.