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Unmarked Spoilers Follow

  • The antics of the "Chaos Anon". They include:
    • Pantsing Byakuya and putting him up the flagpole. He spends hours up there.
    • Placing a fake (?) spider in Makoto's office. The headmaster's reaction was priceless.
  • One anon asked "Would you fuck your clone?" Mod V gave a really long answer based off this post.
  • In a reference to the Gag Dub of Danganronpa 3, Chisa turns Junko's "Shut up slut, we're dead." line back at her in the dead theater. And also throws shoes and popcorn buckets at her.
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  • Junko's appology letter for killing Chiaki
  • Monaca's usually a good source of Black Comedy, except when her antics are completely and utterly depressing.
  • Due to some Adaptational Comic Relief, Mitarai provides a few good laughs, such as jumping out the window to avoid confessing to his crush, and barricading himself in his classroom rather than confront the chaos outside.