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Tear Jerker / Ask The New Hope's Peak

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All spoilers are unmarked

  • Masaru doesn't react well when he feels like he's disrespected the memories of all those who died in the killing game. Kotoko finds him punching a wall and verbally abusing himself.
  • Hina crying over what happened to her little brother, Yuta. She also seems to partially blame his death on the Warriors of Hope.
  • Everyone's reactions when Haiji tries to gun down Makoto. Himiko is so overwhelmed that she can barely move.
  • Kyoji's breakdown when he starts to think about Miaya and how he failed to protect her. He feels as if he's useless and nothing he does is ever enough. Mod V even added in the tags that it was the first time writing a scene nearly brought him to tears.
  • When helping Ethos with Yuuko, Komaru's megaphone is smashed. While not as sad as some of the other points on this list, it is something that clearly upsets her. Luckily, Toko gets her a new one for christmas.
  • While Nagito is clearly trying his best to become self reliant, it's very clear that Hajime keeps him grounded, and the fact that Hajime vanishes not long after killing Haiji and doesn't leave a way for his friends to contact him has taken a bit of a toll on his mental state.
    • After he snaps out of his rage from trying to kill Ryouko, he goes so far as to rip off his robot arm and throw it off the roof of the school, saying he doesn't deserve it.
    • He admits to Naomi that every time he's looked at his phone, he thought he's seen a text from Hajime, only for it to only be his imagination.
  • "Family Meeting," where Kotoko admits to the other Warriors of Hope that she's been diagnosed with HIV.
  • Yukari asked Nagisa for his favorite memory. He doesn't answer, but his first thought is about the time Monaca was his friend.
  • An anon tells Munakata that Chisa would be disappointed in him if she was still alive. His response?
    Munakata: I don't care.
  • Takumi states he'd have preferred it if he and Fujigawa left the lockers and were killed by Mukuro, rather then the current situation, where they are enemies.
  • Ryouko's attempted assassination. To mark off the end of a very stressful day, one of the despairs snipes her in the eye from long distance. Everyone's reactions are heartbreaking, from rage to confusion to horror. Thankfully, she manages to survive.
    • After Kyoji, Mikan, and Hiroko take her into the infirmary, Ryouko is still partially conscious and confused. When she sees Kyoji through her blurry vision, she calls him "dad" and asks why she can't see anything. Kyoji holds her and tells her she's going to be alright before Mikan administers the anesthesia. He's trying is damnedest not to cry.
    • Kurokuma's attack obliterates the lower half of Masaru's leg. For a kid who loves athletics, that's gotta be a devastating blow.
    • During the conflict, Nagito runs into Izuru, who's taken complete control of Hajime's body. Though Nagito tries to snap him out of it, reminding him of the guy he fell in love with, Izuru rejects him and shoves him out the side of the Despairs' helicopter.
    • Karma intentionally causes Mikan to have a miscarriage by crashing into her. When Mikan gets up, there's a large pool of blood under her. Later, when Kyoji goes to see how she's doing, Mikan is laying on a bed starring at nothing, her voice sounding broken and hollow.
    Kyoji: Mikan, sweetie….please talk to me…
    Mikan: What is there to talk about? We’re all going to die soon anyway… the baby was just the first to go.
    • After Kyoji tries to comfort her, she bursts into tears.
    Mikan: W-why? J-just… why?! I… I was h-happy… I wanted this… wh-why does the universe hate m-me s-so damn much?!
  • While it's also Nightmare Fuel, Nagito's situation during the bodyswap is intensely tragic as well. He believes his sacrifice was worth nothing, and when told that he and Hajime were dating in this universe, he refuses to believe it. His exchange with Yukari is absolutely heartbreaking.
    Yukari: Sorry Big Bro, but both I and your boyfriend would prefer if you didn’t go on a killing spree.
    Nagito: *He wrestles her off* Now I know you’re lying… HAJIME WOULD NEVER DATE WORTHLESS, MEANINGLESS, GARBAGE SUCH AS MYSELF! After all, he and Nanami-san are destined for each other… everyone can see it… And I’ll die as I lived. Alone. Unwanted. Unloved. And the world… the world will be better off without me. *He grabs Yukari around the throat with his mechanichal hand*
    Yukari: Chiaki Nanami… Is dead… She died… Three years ago… *she’s struggling to breathe* Her body… Was found under… The statue of… Izuru Kamamura. *she tries pulling the hand off her throat, but no success* And you aren’t… Unloved. Hajime loves you… I love you… If… If you must kill me… I’ll accept it… I’ll always love you. *she gives a pained smile*
    Nagito: I don’t know you. I don’t care about you. I don’t care about your lies!
  • Kanon, Peko, and Akane's responses to being told there aren't enough cures to save everyone:
    • Kanon simply accepts it, asking for a pen and paper to write her will.
    • Peko doesn't want to die, but seems to be feeling quite guilty about it.
    • Akane offers to die, saying that she'll be with her siblings again.
      • In the end, it's Kyoji who has to choose who will die from this sickness. He chooses Kanon, and it's clear the situation has taken a toll on him
  • "The Errand."