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Heartwarming / A Shot in the Dark

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The fanfic:

  • Bilbo's protectiveness of the Company, and their protectiveness of him.
  • Beorn, Bard and Tauriel refusing to let Bilbo go to Mordor alone.
  • While hiding in Dol Guldur from the Nazgûl, Bilbo tells Bard he could leave and go back to Laketown.
    Bilbo: I certainly wouldn't blame you if you left.
    Bard: I know you wouldn't. But I would blame myself enough for the both of us. [...] This kind of stuff just comes with the territory of being friends.
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  • The mention of Thranduil being furious when he found Tauriel badly injured by the Nazgûl.
    Dwalin: He's a slimy old snake, but he does seem to keep his people in mind.
  • Dori adopting Bilbo as his honorary brother.
    It took [Bilbo] a moment to make sense of Dori's words. When he finally did, he sniffed and muttered something about ash getting in his eyes, and rubbed at them discreetly with his wrist. Dori and Balin said nothing but that was fine. They had both said enough already.


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