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Heartwarming / ASL In Red

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  • The very first story, when Garp and the brothers say goodbye to each other...albiet in a slightly warped manner.
    All at once, Garp and the boys all burst into tears and the boys ran to hug him. Weirdly enough insulting him the whole time.
    “You’re scary but I love you, Gramps!”
    “I hate your guts but I’ll still miss you!”
    “You’re all awful brats and you’d better not die and I’ll miss you so much!”
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  • Yasopp reuniting with Usopp.
  • Sengoku announces the identity of Ace's father at Marineford. Shanks loudly disagrees.
    Shanks: OI! That is MY SON and nobody else’s, you got that?
  • 'Pirate married'. Even though (for obvious reasons) pirates can't go get legally married, it's just accepted that couples who have been together long enough are married nonetheless.

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