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Heartwarming / America's Next Top Model

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  • In Cycle 1, after Robin Manning was eliminated, Adrienne Curry still offered her hand to Robin as she left, and in spite of all the strife between the two women, Robin still accepted it.
  • Doubling as a Tear Jerker, Kesse Wallace's elimination. It showed how beloved she was when both the contestants and the judges (including Janice Dickinson!) were crying about the decision.
  • Christina Murphy consoling Kahlen Rodot after Kahlen's friend passed away in Cycle 4.
    • Similarly, when Whitney Cunningham consoled Jael Strauss in Cycle 8 after Jael's friend died and Whitney prayed for the two of them.
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    • In cycle 2 when the women were sharing their stories during a session with Tyra and Miss J, Shandi Sullivan admitted that her parents didn't show affection towards her, which drove her to tears. As the other girls began to console her, J (who was visibly shaken by her admission) took it upon himself to give her a big hug and take her into privacy to console her.
  • Toccara Jones helping out Kelle Jacob with her confidence in Cycle 3 and telling her she's beautiful.
  • The friendship between Cycle 6's Dani Evans and Joanie Dodds. Although they were competitors, they genuinely liked and respected one another.
    • Dani goes with Joanie to her dentist appointment and holds Joanie's hand as she goes through her painful dental surgery.
    • After Dani is proclaimed the winner, Joanie is a Graceful Loser and says, "The best girl won."
  • In Cycle 8, Renee Alway quickly clashed with most of the contestants and had to work hard to earn back their trust.
    • After getting into an argument with Jael Strauss, Renee apologizes by drawing a portrait of her, which Jael accepts and places next to her bed.
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    • Renee decides to share her challenge prize with Dionne Walters, as an olive branch after Dionne proclaimed that she didn't trust Renee's Heel–Face Turn. At first, the prize appears to be a lackluster t-shirt but then it's revealed that the real prize is a visit from their families. Dionne is delighted to see her daughter and thanks Renee for not giving up on making amends.
  • Marjorie and Lio's relationship in Cycle 11. There was barely a time when the two of them weren't holding hands or with their arms around each other. Lio even saves Marjorie from a creepy male model who was attempting to take advantage of Marjorie's intoxicated state.