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Heartwarming / A Million Little Things

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Season 3

  • "Junior": Gary was worried that his old-world father was going to say something offensive when he found Danny's list he made on whether he would come out at school. Instead, Javier shares a touching story about his closeted marine buddy. He then tells Danny that anyone who loves him will love him for who you are, and anyone who doesn't isn't worth a damn.
  • “ No One Is To Blame”: Rome’s “You don’t knock on my door you knock my door down” speech to Sophie.

Season 4

  • ”Little White Lies”: Tyrell writes his college essay about Rome.
  • “Lesson Learned”: While organizing the house which Delilah plans to sell from abroad, Danny and Sophie find a scavenger hunt Jon made years ago, which leads them to a letter he wrote to them reminding them of the importance of being in each other’s lives.