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  • During the second episode, during the dinner table memory game, Ham slips Bex a cheat sheet so she can keep playing the game.
  • Buffy being totally okay when Cyrus comes out, and even tells him he's not different.
  • Buffy's mother coming back during her basketball game in "We Were Never". Even though neither says much, just watching tougher-than-nails Buffy drop the ball in Slow Motion, and seeing the two hug, and the way Buffy whispers "Mommy" really hits home.
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  • Andi saying "Cyrus!" after he admits he likes Jonah too in "Cyrus' Bash Mitzvah!", to which he responds with an emotional "Hi."
  • In "One In A Minyan", among the many heartwarming scenes of Cyrus remembering about his late grandmother, we also have him finally coming out to Jonah, who is completely cool about it, but not without Cyrus throwing in a bit of levity to lighten the mood.
    Cyrus: That's gefilte fish. Skip that, and I'm gay.
  • When TJ arrives at Cyrus' house for the shiva with challah bread. Andi points TJ out just as Cyrus is talking about his former crush on Jonah. Cyrus is delighted that TJ came, to which TJ responds with a smiley "Of course I came." The two share a sweet moment (that Andi and Buffy seem to catch onto) and soft music plays, the same music that played when Cyrus had his first kiss.
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  • Meta: Andi and Cyrus' actors reacting to "Generations React To Disney's 1st Gay TV Character - Andi Mack Coming Out Story". So much heartwarming coming from them reacting to what the reactors thought of their show, and even have high approval of Lucas in his thoughts and opinions in the video.
  • The finale is full of them - Bex and Bowie dancing in their wedding clothes, Andi and Jonah reaching closure over the bracelet, Buffy and Marty confessing their feelings, Cyrus and TJ holding hands and smiling at each other, the GHC recreating a childhood photo together and promising to always stay friends, every major character singing and dancing to 'Born This Way'... it's just thirty minutes of non-stop heartwarming.
  • Another meta one: A few weeks after the series ended, Joshua Rush (Cyrus) came out as bisexual. He stated that though he had already known for some time, he was inspired to publically come out after seeing how many LGBTQ fans of the show say they felt represented and/or inspired to come out after seeing an openly gay, main character on a mainstream, kid/teen TV show.

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