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Heartwarming / Alice in Wonderland (2010)

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  • The scenes with young Alice and her father: "I'm afraid you are. You've gone off your rocker. You're totally bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret: all the best people are."
    • Later repeated by Alice to the Hatter.
  • Alice returning the Bandersnatch's eye to him was remarkably kind, especially considering up to that point the Bandersnatch had been nothing but trouble for her. Even better: The Bandersnatch is clearly touched by this act of compassion and almost immediately becomes one of Alice's most steadfast allies.
  • Lord Ascot in general is this. In stark contrast to his wife and son he is a very friendly and thoughtful man who clearly saw Alice's father as a close friend, despite often criticizing his radical ideas, and treats Alice and her family with nothing but respect. To say nothing on how eager he is making Alice his partner after seeing his friend's determination in her eyes.

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