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Awesome / Alice in Wonderland (2010)

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  • Alice: "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"
  • Mallymkun has two: saving Alice by stabbing out the Bandersnatch's eye, and doing almost exactly the same thing to the Jubjub Bird. And she's a DORMOUSE, people!
  • The Hatter gets one in a flashback (saving the White Queen from the attack on the Horunvendush Day) and one in the final battle (preventing the Knave from killing either of the Queens in his attempt to evade punishment).
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  • When the Queen's troops are upon them, the Hatter tosses Alice to safety (via his Nice Hat). Then, his back to the approaching soldiers, he raises his arms and triumphantly declares "Down with the Bloody Red Queen!"
  • The Futterwacken - just that.
  • The Cheshire Cat saving the Hatter from execution. For a second, you think Tarrant is actually done for ... then comes that wonderful moment when the Hatter looks up and you see his eyes are a too-bright, yet familiar iridescent green.
  • Upon returning to the real world, Alice is confident enough to confront her problems (Hammish's unwanted marriage proposal, her brother-in-law's infidelity) and make amends with her family's worries about her.

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