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Funny / Alice in Wonderland (2010)

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  • This scene:
    Knave: Your majesty, Alice has escaped.
    (The Red Queen slaps him)
    On the Bandersnatch.
    (Gets slapped again)
    With the Vorpal Sword.
  • White Rabbit mentioned he's disgusted by real-world animals' activities such as almost eating him, not wearing clothes, and mating in public.
    • Was it mating or pooping? The Hatter calls Cheshire Cat a "shookum juggling" coward at the tea party.
  • Any time the March Hare shouts out something non-sequitur ("SPOON!" "Cup...").
  • The futterwacken. Full stop.
  • This:
    The Mad Hatter: (about Alice, who's a girl) I'd know him anywhere!
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  • The dance Alice does at the end is pretty amusing. Aunt Imogen covering her mouth in gleeful shock while everyone gasps in horror is as well.

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