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Heartwarming / A Hollow in Equestria

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  • Chapter 6 treats us to Twilight falling asleep and using Ulquiorra's leg as a headrest. The CMOH aspect comes from the fact that Ulquiorra is a merciless, logical killing machine, and yet he sees no reason to disturb her rest. Instead he stays in the same position unmoving ALL NIGHT LONG so she can be well rested for the next day.
  • Twilight's tearful apology to Rainbow Dash for orchestrating Mare Do Well. Made all the more awesome by the fact that she had to track Rainbow Dash down in order to issue the apology.
    • Rainbow Dash accepting the apology, and actually trying to comfort Twilight makes the scene all the more awesome.
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    • The aftermath in the library with Rainbow Dash snuggling up to Twilight in her sleep is even better.
  • Twilight hugging Ulquiorra and apologizing for being angry at him when he was carrying out Celestia's orders.
  • Luna hugging Ulquiorra and telling him that he doesn't have to be alone, and that he has friends, is a scene that you can't read without feeling something.
  • The scene where Twilight goes out of her way to ask Ulquiorra if he'll be her friend is pure feeldom. Made all the more awesome by the fact that he actually accepts her request, and the deal is sealed with a handshake.
    • This is topped by the exchange between Applejack and Ulquiorra where he more or less states that he regards her as a friend. That fact bears repeating: the Espada of Emptiness tells Applejack that he regards her as his friend.
  • What about Pinkie? Ulquiorra is by all measures a murderer devoid of any remorse, and even after knowing this fact she still goes out of her way to throw him a party like he's anyone else. How can you not feel the heartwarming from this?
    • Pinkie attempting to identify with Ulquiorra because of their barren backgrounds would certainly count as a heartwarming moment.
    • Pinkie in general. In the chapter where she's giving Twilight a back rub it just reads like comedy gold. But you read it you can tell that she's really worried about the course of action Twilight's embarked on, and wants her to remember that she's not alone no matter what.
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  • In a weird tough love sort of way, chapter 44 gives us a moment of heartwarming from Ulquiorra out of all characters. A foal has been stung by a manticore, and Ponyville's medical experts have made it clear that not only is there nothing they can do, but the death is going to be incredibly slow and painful due to the paralyzing qualities of the venom. From here Ulquiorra essentially assumes the role of an advocate for the rights of the victim, and presents an incredibly moving argument for euthanizing the poor pony to end their suffering in the swiftest, most painless manner that's possible, as even he can't tolerate the idea of just waiting for the venom to do what it's going to do.
  • Chapter 55 has Rarity assuming the role of villain when facing down an angry Rainbow Dash intent on killing her and the rest of her friends due to Nightmare Moon's brainwashing. She knows the others are in danger, so she does the only thing she can to protect them from harm, even though it means facing the full fury of Rainbow Dash's wrath by herself.
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  • While Rarity's interactions in chapter 56 are quite heartwarming on their own, special mention goes to Rainbow Dash. She admits she doesn't want to kill Rarity, but she feels she has no other choice because she has to keep Scootaloo safe. She even offers to make it as quick and painless as possible.
  • Chapter 57 has multiple CMOH throughout:
    • First, Pinkie and Spike getting Derpy's assistance to find Rarity and Rainbow Dash.
    • Second, Spike protecting Rarity from Rainbow Dash and refusing to stay down despite the beating he's taking, all the while pleading for Rainbow Dash to stop fighting because he doesn't want to hurt her.
    • The revelation that all of her friends cooperated in Ulquiorra's investigation to disprove her false beliefs about what happened to her, and just how far that investigation went into their private affairs.
  • In chapter 58, where Rainbow Dash has a My God, What Have I Done? moment after she tried to hurt Rarity, and struggling to invoke the Trying Not to Cry trope. Luna is there to comfort her, offering her a hug and telling her to let it all out. Rainbow obliges, and Luna doesn't try to stop her, holding her as if she was her own daughter... all while plotting exactly what she'll do to the ones responsible for hurting her so badly.
    • Near the end of the chapter, Pinkie and Rarity are esorting Spike back to the library, and he asks them if they'd like to come in for coffee. When they point out that it's rather late for coffee, he admits he just wants some company in case Twilight is awake and freaks out. As this point they're both exhausted and simply want to return to their respective homes and go to sleep, but they can't bring themselves to leave Spike alone with such a possibility, and opt to stay with him at the library just in case.
  • Luna feeling sorry for Ulquiorra's past in chapter 60, and hugging the stuffing out of him in chapter 60. Goes one step beyond when she compares him to an orphaned child who never got the chance to know love.
  • Chapter 63 has a fair share of these moments. Whether it's Twilight hugging Applejack in an effort to comfort her, or Big Macintosh getting a fair share of the hugs being given.
  • Chapter 67 gives us a short scene with Applejack trying to tend to Twilight after accidentally kicking her, before asking if she can spend the night again. Even though she could tell her no, Twilight says she can stay again, so long as she bunks with Spike instead.
  • In chapter 68 when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon suspect something is going on, the ponies they go to first are the CMC.
  • The entire exchange between Rainbow Dash and Celestia in chapter 69 is one big CMOH from beginning to end. From Rainbow Dash wanting to stay in Celestia's room because she's afraid of the dark, to Celestia deciding to set her work aside to tend to the pegasus when she's having a nightmare, you're guaranteed to go "aww" at least once.
  • Rainbow Dash and Luna finally making up in chapter 73. Even more heartwarming is that Rainbow Dash initiated the process.
  • In between all the awesomeness, there's a major CMOH moment in chapter 79, as Spike is comforted by Twilight after a particularly horrible nightmare.
  • A very subtle moment is demonstrated in chapter 84 as Ulquiorra and Rainbow Dash tend to different duties to maximize effectiveness. Just before this, Dash attempts to initiate a Handshake Substitute with Ulquiorra. Despite having no need to actually do such, Ulquiorra reciprocates the gesture and performs a fist/hoof bump with her. Even more touching is the fact he apparently had knowledge of the gesture in the first place.
  • A small moment in chapter 94. Nightmare Moon is bombarding their position with explosive magical bolts, and Rainbow Dash's first instinct is to throw Rarity to the ground and climb atop her to try and shield her with her body.
  • The last part of chapter 97 and all of chapter 98 gives us a blend between heartwarming and awesome.
    • First, Applejack has watched as her friends have fought against Nightmare Moon to try and bring her down, only to fail in their efforts. She knows she doesn't have Twilight's magic or Rainbow Dash's flight, but she's not going to let that stop her from volunteering to go the next round by herself.
    • Second, Rarity steps up to take Applejack's place and face Nightmare Moon down all by herself, armed with nothing more than her wits and various gemstones she brought with her. She later admits she knew from the start she didn't stand a chance against her, and was absolutely terrified to the point of being suck throughout her entire efforts, but still went ahead and fought Nightmare Moon simply because she couldn't bring herself to abandon her friends.
    • Third, Zecora and what's implied to be half of Ponyville pull a Big Damn Heroes moment by bringing the fight to Nightmare Moon, all despite being under no obligation, and knowing full well they could easily be killed by/for doing it, but decide to do so anyway.
  • Zecora is on the receiving end of a lot of love in chapter 104. First, her presence with the others in the dream meeting called by Discord implies that she's been welcomed into Twilight's core group of friends. Second, upon suggesting Discord use his chaos powers to heal all the ponies injured by Nightmare Moon's assault, Luna tells Celestia that if she doesn't kiss the zebra for thinking of such, she's going to do the kissing herself.

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