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Funny / A Hollow in Equestria

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  • Luna trying to get Ulquiorra to eat a muffin in the first chapter. Taken seriously enough for Luna to begin using the Royal Canterlot voice and his response is just a stare.
  • Ulquiorra going into detail about why spine ripping isn't a valid method of execution. How do you not laugh at him pointing out all of the physical impossibilities involved with such a maneuver?
  • Ulquiorra finding himself dressed in pajamas, complete with fluffy bunny slippers, courtesy of Pinkie's imagination.
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  • Rainbow Dash's struggle with wingboners around Ulquiorra is pure comedy gold.
  • Pinkie giving Twilight a back rub. The results render her unable to talk through all the moaning, and tapping her back hoof against the floor like a dog getting its back scratched.
  • Pinkie dropping a bucket of confetti on Ulquiorra's head when he walks into Sugarcube Corner. Made all the funnier by how he simply deadpans admit that he didn't foresee it, and proceeds to dust himself off.
  • Ulquiorra's attempt at kicking down the door to a distraught Twilight's room. His kick fails to gain him entry, magic rebounds the force back at him and sends him flying down the hallway, before crashing headfirst into a wall.
  • Twilight's reaction to Ulquiorra describing a pen.
  • Luna's first usage of foreign profanity when describing Ulquiorra.
    Luna: We doth believe that he is bullshitting us.
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  • Spike's letter to Ulquiorra, criticizing him for teaching Twilight about profanity, and how the end results aren't pretty. Ulquiorra's deadpan response is comedy gold.
    Ulquiorra: Mission accomplished.
  • Chapter 31's back and forth exchange between Twilight and Rainbow Dash about whether Slender Mane and other Eldritch Abominations exist in their world. Fed up with Twilight's skepticism, Rainbow Dash finally cites Ulquiorra as "Exhibit A" to make her point that there are things in the world they don't understand.
  • Chapter 58 gives us the term "Ciferisms." Apparently the terms Ulquiorra brought with him to Equestria have become so popular, they have a term of description applied to them. That means the reach of human profanity is starting to spread outward like a virus.
  • Chapter 65 has a hilarious moment during which Twilight is furiously tearing into Ulquiorra's theory that a virus is behind Rainbow Dash's condition, accusing him of pulling nonsense out of his ass, and going into detail about how impractical germ warfare is. Making it all the funnier is how the scene is set to Splash Boogie from Bleach, and has Twilight furiously hopping up and down throughout her entire rant.
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  • Some of the commentary in the MST of the first chapter is downright hilarious.
  • Chapter 107 has in an otherwise serious chapter Luna lording over Celestia upon regaining her regal form first relishing in the fact she can call her little sister.

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