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Trivia / A Hollow in Equestria

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  • Deleted Scene: The author actually included two endings in a particular chapter. One suggesting Ulquiorra had betrayed the ponies of his own volition, the other stating he was actually brainwashed the entire time.
    • Chapter 43 contains a deleted dance scene.
    • Chapter 64 had a deleted scene on why it was that Equestrian ponies could vomit, but the ones from our world couldn't.
    • Chapter 67 has a deleted/extended scene with Ulquiorra going into much greater detail with insulting Thrush, clarifying to Celestia what "shithead" means, and ending with physically throwing Thrush out of the room because Celestia asked him to.
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    • Chapter 72 gives a different take on Rainbow Dash's argument with the voice in her head.
    • Deleted scenes show up nearly every chapter now.
  • I Am Not Spock: Rainbow Dash invokes this trope in chapter 60, outright stating that she's tired of being incorrectly recognized for being the Element of Loyalty, rather than as the pony tasked with bearing it.
  • Magnificent Bastard: This is Spike's impression of Ulquiorra as of chapter 52, with how easily he handled a volatile situation.
  • Reality Subtext: According to the author, chapters 66 through 67 supplemental were written in response to the Justina Pelletier incident.

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