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Shout Out / A Hollow in Equestria

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  • Chapter 14 gives us a nice reference to Death Note, with Ulquiorra commenting on the quality of the apples grown on Applejack's farm.
    Ulquiorra: "The Shinigami would likely raid her orchards if they found out about these..."
  • Chapter 18 all but mentions Snowdrop when Luna talks about a young pegasus filly who was very dear to her.
    Luna: "including the soul of young pegasus filly that was very dear to us..."
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  • Chapter 25 Rainbow suggests cutting off Chrysalis' horn and makes an allusion to Cupcakes.
    Rainbow Dash: "Hey Pinks you know where we can find a hacksaw, right?"
  • Chapter 26 has quite a few shout outs included.
    Ulquiorra: "After all they hold dear lays in ruin, then and only then will they have permission to die."
    • Another allusion to Cupcakes:
    Rarity: "Would you really want your wings to be cut off with a hacksaw?"
    Twilight: "Rope? What would we need rope for?"
    Applejack: "Ah dunno. But in those stories ya got, Colt Bronson's always got rope, an' he's always needin' it fer somethin' er other."
  • Chapter 28 has a shout out to the Ask Princess Molestia blog.
    Twilight: "And what about those horrible "Molestia" rumors so many other ponies have talked about, are those true too!? Did you lock Discord away because he wouldn't fuck you!"
  • Chapter 29 has a shout out to the Alien Nation movie, and delivered in Luna's antiquated manner of speaking.
    Luna: "We doth advice thee not to anger him Chrysalis, when Ulquiorra Cifer doth get like this, we cannot control him. We hath seen him angered before, and 'tis not a pretty sight. One time before, he didst become like this, and we did bear witness to him jerk a being's spine out of their back, and show it to them. There was nothing we could do about the unfortunate incident, as we were forced to go vomit at the sight of what we didst see."
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  • Chapter 36 has a shout out to Black Hawk Down.
    Spike: "The secret to a great blend of coffee is all in the grind. Can't be too coarse, can't be too fine. This, Ulquiorra, is a science that anybody can appreciate."
  • Chapter 41 has a shout out to the Ask Gaming Princess Luna blog.
    The four assembled looked between themselves in confusion as Pinkie began diverging from talk purely about parties, and started talking about stuff they had no understanding of. Escort missions? HUD? Two player support? And what exactly did Luna have to do with any of this? And that was just the few words of gibberish they could get from the pink pony, her rapid fire manner of speech even more difficult to understand than usual. It was like she was having a high level sugar rush, on top of her own natural hyper nature.
  • Chapter 44 has a shout out to Button's Adventures, but is done in a way that suggests Button Mash won't be making an actual appearance.
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  • Chapter 49 has a reference to Tremors.
    Ulquiorra: "This world is full of unknown and potentially dangerous creatures, any number of which could be utilized against us. Should some burrowing, subterranean carnivorous beast be utilized, being able to reach a deposit of granite might mean the difference between life or death. Based on my research back in Canterlot, such a situation occurred in the Neighvada desert a number of years ago. The creatures responsible were able to easily burrow through the loose soil making up the ground, but incapable of getting through solid, dense pockets of rock."
  • Chapter 52 Rainbow Dash's mind rape memory switch is one large shout out to Mistress Do Well.
  • Chapter 54 sounds like a shout out to The Walking Dead when Rick killed someone by tearing out their throat with nothing but his teeth.
    Ulquiorra: "The imprints in the keratin indicate significant biting force on her part; surely enough to tear out a throat if such a move was believed to be prudent."
  • Chapter 55 has a subtle shout out to Farscape.
    Rainbow Dash: "You can talk until your tongue falls off, I'm still gonna kill you."
  • Chapter 56 has a not-so-subtle shout out to Farscape.
    Unknown Speaker: "Kill her and then we'll have pizza, with margarita shooters..."
  • Chapter 64 gives one to Green Lantern.
    Ulquiorra: "Whether in brightest day, or blackest night, it makes little difference."
  • Chapter 86 has a pretty big shout out to The Avengers (2012)
  • Chapter 98 gives us a DOOM reference, and by Rarity of all ponies.
    Rarity: "I am going to to be the one ripping and tearing you completely asunder."

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