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Heartwarming / A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong

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  • Chris having his Heel Realisation and telling the group there is no one he would rather be with. Finally, continuing the Brick Joke of him only handing the role of Scrooge if he is "completely incapacitated", he slowly whispers that he is feeling ill, almost incapacitated, before passing his Scrooge nose to Robert.
  • Sandra proposing to Max with the ring Diana Rigg brought for her. Followed by "awws" and applause from all present (including the crippled Derek Jacobi.
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  • A little one, but when Annie accidentally intimidates the shopkeeper, she not only holds him up for (comically small) food items (such as a Snickers bar), she also has him get one for himself, and to allow the next customer to have their shopping for free.
  • If you've seen Peter Pan Goes Wrong, you see Robert's niece Lucy as a nervous wreck with Stage Fright, only recovering at the end, it's nice to see her hobbling on as a Tiny Tim with a cheerful grin on her face - though this is immediately negated when Robert accidentally drops a large object on her head.
    • At the close however, she manages to still deliver the last line of the play after hitting her pushy uncle in the face with the door.
  • Derek Jacobi being willing to forgive the cast and crew, even though he's absolutely right to be mad at them (after Diana Rigg "encourages" him a little.)

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