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Funny / A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong

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  • As Derek Jacobi begins to deliver his opening monologue, Chris and Robert (in black stealth suits) lower down completely unnoticed on wires and kidnap him. Trevor marches into the technicians office and claims to be the Head of the BBC (whilst still in his signature Duran Duran shirt.) Except that his "ID Card" is a Twix.
  • The opening title's typos. First it's "A Christmas Carl", then "A Christmas Carlol", then "A Christmas Carool" then just, "Scrooge".
    • It's done again when the text says "Seven Years Late" before they add the R to the end for "Later".
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  • The miniature set's slow breakdown, with Trevor eventually dropping a pizza slice onto it and smashing it by accident.
  • Any of the times Derek Jacobi reappears, initially being incapacitated by Robert who mistakes him for Chris, and later when he breaks out of Tiny Tim's coffin.
  • Johnathan(as Jacob Marley's corpse)clearly opens his eyes while in his coffin, then he breaks through the bottom. The rest of the cast drop the hollow coffin heavily into the grave, then awkwardly kick him in before throwing dirt on top of his uncovered body(much to his clear annoyance.)
  • The increasingly creative methods Dennis uses to remember his lines (from writing them on a bottle - which tips its contents all over the table as he tries to read Annie's writing - and reading individual letters from every grape on a bunch (which bizarrely is something of an achievement considering how he manages to line them up correctly.)
    • He can't even answer yes or no properly in a scene with the moneylenders, so has to have the answers written on a coin. Sandra doesn't help by asking him to confirm his answer, throwing him completely. He ends up flipping the coin and luckily getting the correct answer(yes).
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    • Dennis is reading answers and eventually says he would "Gnaw on a bone or sleep on a bed of warts.", since the glass door he wrote it on is closed and the word is reversed. And as he leaves, he shouts to Chris "WANG!"(gnaw reversed.)
    • He has to wait for the goose to turn over to see the answer on the backside.
    • And then, near the end of the play, Chris forgets his own lines, prompting Dennis to prompt him, perfectly reciting Scrooge's next few lines, before needing to consult his coin for his own subsequent line.
  • Jonathan as Jacob Marley has some difficulty with his chains, initially the weight pulls him out of the window, later the cash box falls through the floor and drags him with it. He then has to reenter via Scrooge's bedroom door, which was accidentally locked earlier by Trevor.
    Johnathan:(in his Marley voice) Undo the bottom one.
  • The Running Gag of Robert trying to "completely incapacitate" Chris, which includes making a Dynamic Entry through the ceiling onto Scrooge's bed (nearly crushing Chris).
    • After a green screen glitch shows Chris bitchily referring to Robert as "Ebeneezer Huge", there is a sudden distortion in the chroma key and Chris is pursued by angry birds, before a chair floats over and smashes him on the head.
    • After accidentally dropping a heavy object on poor Lucy, Robert is forced to play Tiny Tim, reading the role in an extremely unenthusiastic monotone from a script. There is a brief Oh, Crap! moment, when the script calls for him to be lifted (in this case dragged) by Dennis. The flat "whee" sells it.
  • After Max believes Sandra is dumping him (possibly for Chris), he goes into a Heroic BSoD. This wouldn't be funny at all but for the timing, as the narration mentions "the sound of merry laughter." This is followed by a close to tears "Ho, ho, ho..."
  • When Robert takes over as Tiny Tim he is unable to fit in Lucy's small chair, and is forced to improvise by sitting on Sandra's knee. Quite hard. And Sandra's reaction is hilarious.
  • Trevor getting trapped in Frances' house and frantically trying to escape whilst trying to blend in by laughing along with the jokes in story.
  • The Overly Long Gag as The Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come tries to fit under the arch, completely negating the intended sense of intimidation.
  • After the cast have been ejected from the studio, they run into Tesco to continue the story by buying Bob Cratchit a goose. Unfortunately all they find is a small packet of goujon chicken fingers.
  • Annie (who has had a pistol superglued to her sleeve by mistake the whole show) inadvertently holding up the cashier and demanding the goujons. And a Snickers. And he can have a Snickers himself. And the next woman's shopping is free.
  • When Derek Jacobi states that he will only give up Scrooge if he is completely incapacitated, Diana Rigg suddenly plows through the studio and knocks him down with her car.
  • Robert is just about to say the last, iconic line of the show when Lucy (whose role he had been forced to take over before after he accidentally knocked her unconscious) smacks him in the face with the door and delivers it herself.