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Headscratchers / A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong

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  • It's not as good a role as Scrooge, but wouldn't it make sense to placate Robert by giving him the fairly large role of the Ghost of Christmas Present (typically a large, booming, hammy individual - like Robert), preventing him from trying to sabotage Chris' performance?
    • The Ghost of Christmas Present isn't that large a role in any given production (it's typically listed at best as a minor supporting character since he's only ever in roughly 5 or fewer scenes) and it's a constant aspect of Robert's character to believe that he should be the leading player of the CPDS. Robert's probably got the biggest case of Small Name, Big Ego of the lot of them (which is really saying something) and throughout the "...Goes Wrong" saga, he undermines Chris anywhere he can even when he has got a decent role. All this is to say that there's pretty much nothing that could placate him if he truly set his heart on playing Scrooge no matter what.
      • Plus, equally, Chris can be equally vindictive towards Robert when he annoys him, which is often, so is unlikely to want to throw Robert such a bone anyway.