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Trivia / A Christmas Carol Goes Wrong

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  • Call-Back: Once again, Lucy gets the last line in the show, in Peter Pan Goes Wrong because the Narrator was knocked out, and here because she knocks Robert out with the door. Though in this case, he had taken over the role she was supposed to be playing until he accidentally dropped part of the scenery on her.
  • Enforced Method Acting: A lot of it.
    • The set was deliberately built to be better than the usual standard, making the damage the characters cause stick out more.
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    • Henry Lewis wasn’t fitted for his Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come costume until immediately before filming began, so some of his hitting objects was genuine.
    • When the crew commandeered a Tesco shop for filming, they found themselves actually having to manage it when someone came in to make a purchase.
    • Similarly, when Bryony Corrigan was playing the BBC receptionist, she ended up actually having to handle people coming in for appointments.
  • Looping Lines: Trevor’s line “Quick! The Camera!”, was misspoken as “Quack! The camera!”, in the studio, so it was re-recorded in post production.
  • Oddball in the Series: This is the first production Mischief Theatre made specifically for television and takes full advantage of the staging flexibility that allows.