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Zoey 101
  • The episode where Zoey and her friends fight the nerds in a "Robot Battle" style tournament. What makes it totally stupid is while the nerds easily defeat the first robot used by Zoey using conventional ramming and crushing techniques, Quinn's robot shows up in the second round and pretty much just fires a laser at the nerds' robot destroying it completely, which brings up the question how in the hell is that tournament-legal? You might as well just strap an AK-47 to a robot and have it fire away.
  • From the variety of pop-culture references involved in the show, I think it's safe to say that its fictional universe has the same "pantheon" of celebrities as our own. So do Britney Spears and, by extension, Jamie-Lynn Spears exist? If so, why has nobody noticed how much one of the most popular girls in school resembles the latter? Even if just the latter isn't around, Zoey still looks a lot like "Britney Spears's little sister," and if the former isn't, that's a BIG GAPING HOLE in the pop-cultural landscape. How far does the Literary Agent Hypothesis stretch in these cases?
    • Perhaps in Zoeverse, Jamie-Lynn Spears never got a TV show, so her public profile was much lower.
    • Ocean's Twelve tried a gag like that where the character played by Julia Roberts masqueraded as Julia Roberts, and was so good at it that Bruce Willis didn't recognize her. It came off as stupid rather than clever.
    • Since Zoey 101 is part of the Nick Verse, Ginger Fox would be the Britney Spears equivelant. So either Ginger doesn't have a sister that got a TV show or Ginger Fox's sister looks different enough that nobody noticed how similar her show is to Zoey's life.
  • The wrestling team episode. What screwed up sports rules are required that the Jerkass of the episode would not have been disqualified, or even banned from the sport, for his recorded episodes of attacking other wrestlers and referees?

  • In Spring Break-Up, one of the big dynamic parts of it was how Chase sent a text message to Zoey's Tekmate, saying how much he loves her. But then he chickens out and snatches hers away while she doesn't notice and deletes the message. But she sees him trying to put it back in her bag, and gets all furious because she wants to know why he had it, but he can't say why because of the loooove. The whole thing was asinine because HELLO! He could have just said it fell on the ground or something and he was just putting it back in. It's not rocket science!
    • A goof that doubles as a headscratcher (why didn't they catch/fix this?) - In "Spring Break Up" when Chase is typing the infamous text message, 'PCA Michael' clearly appears in the To form... the text never went to Zoey accidentally in the first place.
    • She didn't see him putting it back in any bag, she discovered he had the Tekmate when she called herself looking for it, after losing a challenge due to her not having it, and all the girls got angry at him because they thought that Chase stole it to cheat on the challenge, then Chase had no other option than to admit he wanted to delete the message and that's why he kept it so long, Zoey was going to forgive him if he would tell what the message was, but he couldn't. Also, the message was originally for Michael but sent accidentally to Zoey, so it's not that he chickened out. And the Tekmate was in her belt, not a bag.
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    • Actually, how do you "accidentally" send a message to Zoey when it was intended for Michael? I could understand if he'd sent it to Lola or Nicole, but there's several names between Michael and Zoey. In fact, wouldn't the episode have been much more interesting if Lola received and read the message?
      ...That might actually make a pretty decent Fan Fic.
      • On some phones (mine for example) you can send a message to a "recently used contact" instead of having to go through the phone book. So maybe the last person he texted was Zoey, and Michael was right below Zoey in the recent list, and he selected the wrong one? Or it was subconscious?
      • Or maybe the Tekmate organizes its contacts by last name. With Michael's last name being "Barrett" and Zoey's being "Brooks", it could be a logical leap that Chase accidentally scrolled and hit the wrong one.
    • The entire episode was poorly handled. You can clearly see that when Zoey gets up from the fountain, her Tekmate isn't left behind.
  • Is anyone else seriously bothered by Quinn? I mean, her ridiculously implausible engineering accomplishments aside, she often causes far more distress than the episode's antagonist, but she's never reprimanded for testing everything on unwilling humans.
  • In the episode where Logan has to go to anger management, and he got out of it as long as he could stay calm for two weeks, Zoey and her friends were using some really underhanded methods to get Logan to yell at them. And most of them were really ridiculous, too, even someone without anger issues would freak out at it. How did the guy making sure Logan stayed calm not allow for that? Was he just expected to be a robot the whole time?
    • That really bugged this troper too. If some chick took my art project the day it was due, dumped a gallon of honey on my bike, and threw paint at me, I would be ready to kill her. Honestly, I thought it was a bit excessive and cruel on Zoey's part.
    • No, you aren't remembering the episode right, I don't think. He wasn't passing his anger management by remaining calm for two weeks; he was TRICKING them into passing him. The deal was he could go to anger management for ten sessions, thereby being legitimately punished for what he did to Dustin, or he could fake being calm for two weeks, thereby escaping any and all punishment. The methods Zoey and the others used were cruel, yes, but they were all angry that Logan was going to get away punishment-free. THAT'S why they were being so awful to him.
  • In the episode "Webcam," Zoey found out that someone spied on the girls in the girls' lounge via a webcam. Upon hearing this news, she headed to Logan's dorm and accused Chase. I'm sorry, what? Didn't she realize that this was the guy who was one of her best friends, was too busy delivering sushi by himself because of the laziness of his Jerkass work partner, and never laughed at the girls or any of their secrets? She even initially thought that Chase was the one who pulled the prank to keep her in school, so she knows that he's a nice person who would never want to intentionally hurt her. How the hell did she think that Chase did it when there weren't any grounds for her accusation? Even if she thought that Chase was a criminal mastermind, what reason would he have to embarrass the girls? It would have made more sense to accuse Logan, which she does a moment later.
    • They discovered that the webcam was in a plush bear Logan had given them, and Chase was there when he gave them it, so it's more likely that she was just making sure that Chase really had nothing to do with the webcam. What bothers me more is that the only person to have any kind of comeuppance is Logan. Sure, he put the camera there, but ALL of the boys were watching them (except Chase, and probably Dustin). We even see Michael watching the "show" and not telling them, and he just helps to catch Logan without suffering any consequence himself.


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