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  • Why didn't the zombies in Resurrection Z attack anyone else while Murphy was demonstrating his messiah-status? Hell, why wasn't the fact that he was standing in a cage full of zombies unmolested proof?
  • What was the deal with the closing remark in "Zombie Road" about 20 refugees leaving for Edmonton and "not one" surviving the encounter with the main characters? The stoner was still alive, and had in fact joined the group.
    • The stoner was not seen after this episode, he was mostly likely eaten by Cassandra. Warren may have accurately assumed this.
  • What's with nobody noticing for a good while (read: Plot relevant) that Murphy is BLUE, not just just a kinda cold looking blue but like a dirty smurf blue! when the cast interacts with other survivors they always fail to mention it, the one who did just mentioned he looked kinda ill.
    • He doesn't act like a zombie, so maybe people think he is just some loon who went and jumped in a vat of dye or something. Looking at what other folks have done after surviving a zombie apocalypse a blue guy is practically normal.
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    • Could also be a bit of in-universe, and out of universe differences. To us Murphy looks like he's a smurf to make it more obvious to the audience what is going on. To the other characters in the show he might just look sick, and a bit off compared to everyone else.
  • Apart from ZONA who exactly does Roberta think she is going to hand off Murphy to after "extracting" him? as far as we have been made aware almost every other place that could make a cure from Murphy is gone, my best guess is that she has went ff the deep end after killing Vasquez and just seems focused on "the mission" which technically doesn't exist anymore.
  • In Season 5, how would Roman Estes have explained why he's bigoted against Talkers, yet is in love with a Talker (Pandora)?

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