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  • Adored by the Network: When this show was on Nickelodeon, it always seemed to be the "B" live-action show to Drake & Josh or iCarly. However, years after it ended, TeenNick began to show reruns ad nauseam, giving it nearly as many showings a day as, if not more than, Degrassi: The Next Generation. It is arguably responsible for TeenNick's rapid Network Decay. Now it has been averted to an extent, as while TeenNick still shows the show frequently, it's nowhere near as frequently and constant as it was in 2011-2012.
    • Beginning in December 2013, Zoey 101 (along with Drake & Josh) began getting many more reruns on TeenNick; you'd think Zoey was a TeenNick original series.
  • Black Sheep Hit: Has a quite different style to it than other Dan Schneider shows, owing to the absence of the laugh track, use of a single camera, and a more subdued sense of humor. Regardless, it always remained popular in the ratings and has a decent cult following to this day.
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  • Contractual Purity: This became an issue when Jamie Lynn Spears, 16 at the time, became pregnant. Contrary to rumors, this is not what caused the show to be cancelled as the network had already made the decision to do so and filming for the final season had already been wrapped up before Spears became pregnant. However, it did raise the issue of whether or not to air the final season.
  • The Danza: Lisa is played by former American Idol contestant Lisa Tucker.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted as with many Nickelodeon shows. Even inverted with Victoria Justice, who played a ninth-grader at age 13.
  • Hostility on the Set: Alexa Nikolas was bullied by Jamie Lynn Spears on set during production and as a result, Nikolas was dropped from the show after season two with her character being Put on a Bus between season two and three.
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  • Production Posse: A bunch of Dan Schneider people made appearances on this show. Jennette McCurdy was Dustin's girlfriend in one episode (who Sam seems to be a Spiritual Successor to), Miranda Cosgrove was a science prodigy in another, Daniella Monet was Chase's girlfriend and later his Psycho Ex-Girlfriend in a couple of episodes, and Allison Scagliotti (Mindy on Drake & Josh) was the girl who stole Zoey's backpack idea in one episode. Then of course, there's Drake Bell As Himself.
  • What Could Have Been: Dana was planned to become Logan's girlfriend in the later seasons of the show, but after the first season, her actress was released because "she looked too old" and was replaced by Victoria Justice as Zoey's roommate and the Logan's girlfriend bit would later go to Quinn.
    • Dan had planned for the show to continue even more and Nick was up for it...except the show's budget was way too high and they cancelled the show for said reason.
  • You Look Familiar: Austin Butler, before being cast as James (one of the main characters in season 4) portrayed Stacey's boyfriend Danifer in the season 3 episode "Quarantine".

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