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Headscratchers / Twin Peaks

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The Original Run

  • Why do fans spell Bob's name in all-caps?
    • It's an acronym. Beware Of BOB. That means the acronym is recursive, but this is Twin Peaks.
      • I've heard this theory but never any actual source for it.
      • It is written in The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, where BOB is always written in capital letters. A better question would be why MIKE is written in all caps, since it is not an acronym. Perhaps it is done to keep a stylistic match with Laura Palmer's writing of BOB.
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    • It's possible this rendering took root thanks to The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, where, with very few exceptions, presumably typos, BOB is always spelled in all-caps.

The Return

  • Hawk was promoted to being Deputy Chief but shouldn't he be Sheriff by now?
    • Not if the Sheriff position is elected.
  • Part 8 of The Return - what was it all about?
    • Supposedly, the birth of BOB and of ultimate evil.
      • The atomic bomb is tested in Trinity and it results in BOB being created. The Giant and Senorita Dido proceed to create Laura Palmer in order to reset the balance between them. The Woodsmen, servants of evil or creations of the atomic bomb, proceed to take over the town. They put everyone in the town to sleep who they don't kill and allow a Puppeteer Parasite (possibly a natal BOB) to possess a teenaged girl.
  • If Laura Palmer was some kind of Chosen One created by the White Lodge and that is why BOB killed her, what do Theresa Banks and Ronette Pulaski have to do with anything?
    • MIKE states that he and BOB murdered people together long before Laura Palmer came on the scene. He might have killed Laura for mystical reasons but the rest was just for fun, Theresa because of her connection to Leland and Ronette simply because she happened to be there.

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