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Headscratchers / Thor (2014)

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  • Jane has breast cancer. Chemotherapy is negated by the powers of Mjolnir. But what's stopping her from simply getting a mastectomy? She'd still have both breasts as Thor, due to the appearance changing powers of the hammer.
    • Ugh, that's a scary thought. The transformation "heals" her by purging the chemotherapy drugs from her system, but if it also heals injuries, it might regrow anything she had removed.
      • As of the new series its probably to late anyway, the cancer has spread as far as her liver.
      • The more confusing thing is that, Beta Ray Bill and Red Norville aside, we've seen that the Hammer DOES physically change the bodies of those who wield it (Eric Masterson and Dargo are very blatant examples of this.) So the question becomes, why the hell is her form considered an illusion?!
  • Why did Jane kiss Sam? Was it a platonic type kiss, or did she really like Sam? I'm confused.
    • It happened after the team got called the "understudy Avengers" and Sam went on a rant how unfair the comparisons are and how much responsibility the whole thing is... so Jane made him shut up.

  • Why is Jane worthy and Thor unworthy? Yes, I know the "Gor is right" bit. Aside from the Fantastic Racism and other Unfortunate Implications of that claim I don't see how that applies to Thor. For that matter, I don't see Jane doing anything different for Thor. Leading with the hammer, protecting innocents, disrespectful to is she different from Thor? Why is she considered worthy and he is not?
    • Maybe it's a placebo effect (ie Thor is unworthy because he thinks he's unworthy)? There's also the fact that the wording on Mjolnir spontaneously changed. Maybe Mjolnir wanted a new wielder? Maybe someone tampered with Mjolnir's enchantment?
      • Somewhat. Odinson made himself unworthy because he started to doubt himself. The Unworthy Thor mini showed a flashback where Thor told Jane that he was continually afraid of the possibility that each time he went to lift the hammer, it would be the time that he couldn't. To Odinson, "worthiness" was not an inherent state but a state that must be perpetually maintained. His fight with Gorr caused this self-doubt to fester and grow until the hammer rejected him. It's own developing sentience and Thor always treating it as a mere tool, instead of an extension of himself, probably played a part too...