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Awesome / Thor (2014)

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  • The Shi'ar gods challenge Thor to a contest, starting with natural disasters, whipping up a tidal wave to get prayers from their followers who survive, each prayer being a point. Thor stops the tidal wave, earning the respect and prayers of the Shi'ar. Sharra and K'ythri try and call foul (Thor didn't wait her turn), but the god adjudicating the challenge disagrees.
  • Crazy Awesome at its finest. Shi'ar cruisers are under attack, the weapons penetrating their Deflector Shields. Are they Fusion Mines? Tachyon Bombs? Nope, arrows, fired from the decks of Viking lonships rowing through space, with the gods of Asgard preparing to board. Hey, if the Asgardians want to say Space Is an Ocean, who's gonna argue?
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  • War Thor clobbers the Queen of Cinders. . . with one of her own fire-breathing sharks.

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