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Funny / Thor (2014)

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  • Thor vs. Silver Samurai:
    Silver Samurai: Tell whoever you're talking to that it's the Silver Samurai who's kicking your ass.
    Thor: My ass. . . doth disagree.
    Silver Samurai: Not for long, Sailor Moon.
  • Roz seems a bit intimidated by Angela's usual state of dress:
    Roz: Though at least she's a little less naked than she used to be.

    Angela: Did we by chance have a secondary plan, in case everything else went completely south? If so, we should probably do that now.
    Roz: Angela, you're as good at following orders as you are at wearing pants!

    Angela: I just saved your life, Agent Solomon. You owe me now.
    Roz: Fine. If I give you twenty dollars, will you invest in some pants? Maybe a nice turtleneck?
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  • Roz being concerned about the "Tolkein Avengers" breaking her earpeices.
  • Jane gets schooled in fighting a Kurse.
    Thor: (thinking) Should I know who this is? I need to look up my own Wikipedia entry.
    (Kurse punch-blocks Mjolnir)
    Thor: (still thinking) Did she just punch the hammer? She just punched the hammer. Nobody does that. I mean, people punch my face all the time, but. . . (no longer thinking) Nobody punches my Mjolnir!
  • When Thor is fed up with the Shi'ar gods:
    Thor: Aye. So begins the kicking of thine hindquarters.
  • Hildegard coming on to The Destroyer. Even it is confused.

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