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Headscratchers / The Backyardigans

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  • Each episode has a different musical style. This troper gets some of them (polka for "Polka Palace Party" because duh) but others make no sense.
    • Why would Gilbert and Sullivan be used for "The Heart of the Jungle"?
    • Why would tarantella be used for "The Legend of the Volcano Sisters"?
    • It was really an exercise in creativity. The production team made an effort to challenge themselves and spark imagination by weaving together musical genres and fantasy settings which would ordinarily never come in contact with one another into original pieces and see if they could get it to work, hopefully expanding the horizons of the audience in the process. As such, it kind of makes you think that if "Best Clowns in Town" was the only episode where the peg fit the hole, so to speak, it was an attempt to make a point.

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