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Title Drop / The Backyardigans

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The Backyardigans have dropped episodes titles in their songs a lot. Note the title drop is italicized, like this.

(Please list examples in chronological order.)

  • Of course, there's the outro. "Meet you next time, when we're back, with your friends, the Backyardigans!
  • "I'd recognize that sound anywhere. It's the yell of the yeti of the frozen north!"
  • "Come on, Mountie Tyrone! To the snow fort!"
  • "We're secret agents on a secret mission!
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  • "Not a care in the world, you'll hear me boast, cause...Boo! It's great to be a ghost!"
  • "Let's go riding the range, yahoo!"
  • "Knights are brave and strong, and queens are never wrong!"
  • "Castaways, we are castaways!"
  • "Surf's up! Ho daddy!"
  • "Eureka!"
  • "When the finish line's unfurled, we will have raced around the world!"
  • "By order of the monster detective agency, I order you to give it back to its rightful owner!"
  • "Please don't take it personally, but I am scared of you!"
  • "Whodunit, we're gonna find out!"
  • "The secret of snow, the secret of snow, the secret of something I wanted to know..."
  • "We don't lollygag, and we don't horse around."
  • "Special delivery, special delivery! Here's a Valentine for you!"
  • "Evil's met its match, I'll tell you why: I'm an international super spy!"
  • "Move, move, movers of Arabia!
  • "We're the best clowns, we're the best clowns in town!"
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  • "Save the day, save the day!"
  • "Into the deep we journey to places we've never been!"
  • "News flash! Yes, the news is big! It's a huge, important story!"
  • "Who goes there, who goes there?"
  • "What's bugging you? What's bugging you? Do you have a pesky pest?"
  • "Chichen-Itza Pizza, we deliver!"
  • "Going to the center of the Earth! Oh, what'll be there?"
  • "For the front page, front page, front page news!"
  • "And that's why they call me Le Master of Disguise!"
  • "I'm clean, Robin Hood the Clean!"
  • "That's when I become the Masked Retriever!"
  • "We've got to catch that train!"
  • "Who do you call? You call Dragon Express!"
  • "Follow the feather, wherever it leads!"
  • "Break out! Freedom is near! Break out! We're getting in gear!"
  • "Los, Los, Los Galacticos..."
  • "I found the magic skateboard!"
  • "With Super Team Awesome, the awesomest team!"
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  • "The Big Dipper Diner! The best cafe in the Milky Way!"

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