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Tear Jerker / The Backyardigans

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  • The Secret of Snow. Near the end of Uniqua's adventure to ask Tasha, the Ice Lady, to make it snow, she confesses that she can only make ice, not snow. Uniqua gets sad, and her other friends, Tyrone, Pablo and Austin choose to focus on the fact that they had an adventure together and made friends, even if they couldn't make it snow. As the song "The Secret of Snow" is sung, Uniqua's friends comfort her as they accept the fact it's not going to snow. This mood is maintained clear to the end, but on the last note, snowflakes fall behind them. Uniqua turns and exclaims "Snow! Oh, it's beautiful!", and they all go out to the backyard to play, singing a triumphant reprise of "I Love Snow", leading to their regular end song.


  • Italian fans may be saddened to know that Austin's Italian voice actress, Laura Latini, passed away in 2012.

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